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OT . Looks like new software for placing pictures in our posts

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    Originally posted by Rich Carlstedt View Post

    . . . .
    There is NO "Upload Attachments " Button just below the text Box !
    There is only a paper Clip and a camera ABOVE the text box .
    If that's all you're seeing click on the "A" button on the far right for Advanced options. I think it's been like that for quite a while.


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      Dan , I am running WIN 7 Pro and use Firefox for a browser
      So let me do Two screen shot to show you what I have .
      Appreciate the help guys !

      genea- When I toggle the "A" , all it does is remove/return the Font Bar above - Then when I hit the camera button, this
      is the bar that appears below the text box, which is not the normal button I believe

      Then I upload and this is the second screen shot
      You may only view thumbnails in this gallery. This gallery has 2 photos.
      Green Bay, WI


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        Description of above Post
        The First picture in the post shows what I get when I hit the camera button
        It says "Upload"
        The Second Picture shows what I get when I upload a photo.
        There is no choice for picture size ...????
        The result is you get a thumnail in the post as seen above

        Thanks for any enlightenment !
        Green Bay, WI


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          Click image for larger version  Name:	BAE265C8-5C60-4A60-A3C1-A89929A71DBF.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	52.4 KB ID:	1966875 I’m probably not going to be of much more help as the desktop screen isn’t quite the same as what I see on the phone.

          Does the button circled in red above do anything other than give you the [IMG] spot to paste into?


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            Rich, try this . . .

            Don't use the camera icon. Instead, click the "image" icon on the advanced options bar (about 2/3 over to the right). Select the "upload" tabs then click "chose file" to select the desired file from your computer. After you've selected your file hit "open" in the file explorer window. That will return you to the forum software's "upload" dialog box. Hit "send it to the server". That will return you to the "image properties" window where the URL and file info boxes are now filled in. While in the "image properties" window you can, optionally, select image alignment, alt text, and so on. Hit "OK" when you're done. Also, when you hit "send it to the server" a new window was opened under the text entry box with the file you just downloaded and options for image size. By default it loads the full size image into the text box, but you can delete that image and select a smaller size from the newly opened window. You can also upload additional images from this box, several at a time, by holding down the control key while you make your selections in file explorer.

            Edited to add: the "Upload attachments" button will remain available for use on your next post as long as you don't close it by clicking the "x" on the far right side of the window. If closed you can reopen it by clicking the paper with paper clip icon on the right.
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              Genea---- Hot Dog ! it works !
              Don't know how i got into this mess, and am glad to be out .
              Everything looks normal now .. Thank You and Oxford for the leads and instructions
              Appreciate your time...greatly ...Thanks
              Green Bay, WI


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                This is the reason that 90% of us NEVER POST PICTURES ON THIS FORUM.I can take picture of my CHICKEN as I am getting in my car and post it for sale on craigslist before I get to the end of my driveway. Edwin Dirnbeck
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