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    My mother-in-law's name is Virginia. Wife doesn't like it when I call her "Virginia the Creeper!"


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      Charged Capacitors?

      When I was in high school, the principal was rumored to be inspecting lockers for contraban while we were in class. (no locks on the lockers there back then, everyone was supposed to be honorable) I charged a metal can capacitor with a long piece of wire on the terminal. I would charge it at home, place it in a plastic tube to carry to school and place it in fromt of my stuff on the shelf in my locker in the morning. At the end of the day I would discharge it against the side wall of the locker. This went on for about a week and a half until I found the cap discharged. The principal never said anything to me, but did give me some hard looks. My locker was never tossed again.

      Weston Bye - Author, The Mechatronist column, Digital Machinist magazine
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        LES: on the excess parts thing. I have freind who was in automatic transmission reapir business and he was Both good and honorable. When he hired a new man he would sooner or later drop some parts( parts that may nor may not be needed to make the transmission operate when installed). If the man hid the parts, he was doomed to go first chance, no matter how good he was. If he started to break it back down, he was, with no idea on his part, deemed worhty of training and trust.

        on guys who won't be fooled into going for things that do not exist: When I was repairing water tanks, there was a pipe (called riser pipe) that goes into the bottom of the tank. It has a slip joint because even a small (50, 000 gallon ) tank has 100 tons added when filled. the slip joint (called expansion joint) compensates for the saging when filled. I was under the tank, sitting in Bosun chair, feet about 100 feet above ground level hangingfrom a "bull rope". Expansion joint showed signs of leaking. New man climbing ladder on leg and i say "go back to trailer and get me an expansion joint wrench and tie it to my tag line, tug it hard and I will haul it up".

        I sit and sit, no sign of life below. To get down is no problem- just turn loose of line and fall- it getting under thats mean. so I went down and there he is, under trailer, smoking a cigarette, grinning. Says He "Boss man I will go for left handed monky wrenches, etc" he had a LONG list of things hewould go for- most of which i had never heard of. Turned out to a be a good man but from then on he would go for any thing- and bring it back . . Son of a gun was looking forward to the day he could send a new man for some of those things. Really cramped his style to not play his jokes. He was unableto read or write. Ex moon shinner from Tennenesee and could buy good shine from most every place we went.


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          One year I ended up with the same "Far Side" desk calender in my christmas stocking as one of the enginers in my deparnment. Every morning I would sneek in to his office and replace the calender on his desk which had the current date on it with the duplicate whose page had not been torn off as well as removing the torn page from the recycle bin. It took him about a week to figure out he wasn't going nuts.

          On the same job I responded to a freinds smart ass remark by laying up about 1/4" of tooling fiberglass around his lock after he left for the day. (I used release on the lock first so his lock would not get screwed up) The key to the prank was that his air tool were on the wrong side of his lock. The next morning he rather sheepishly had to ask to borrow my Dotco to cut thru the glass. Both of us new it was in good fun, but he did learn not to try to win a prank battle with a well equiped tool maker.


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            Our detachment commander (a middle aged major) was engaged to a very attractive and younger woman. Several months before the wedding he decided to go an a diet and was insufferable about his "yogurt and toast" breakfasts and how effective and successful the diet was. Our resident prankster took to putting tiny slices of magnet on the scales to help the major show improvement. After several weeks of "success" the process was reversed. Just amazing how the bragging stopped. Of course everyone took at least one shot at casually asking how the diet was going. This was an EOD detachment and no one would consider or tolerate a joke regarding equipment or the job.