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    OK, we all know that their are many experts out their on this list, but other than our trusting nature how do you know that what is being advised is true? Which brings up an idea I had. I know you all are too kind and probably wouldn't do this, but have you ever heard of anyone playing a practical joke on a newbie? Fes up, I think it would be interesting to hear some brass magnet stories and other such humorous tales. Maybe this topic has been done before, sorry for the duplication if it has.

    Here's mine: I worked with a retired machinist( Ed) who worked for a military contractor during WWII.( I think everyone did) One of the unknowing military inspectors who was fresh at his job asked him about the many containers of "Gold" bolts... chromated I think. The inspector asked how they could tell if the bolts had been hardened properly with the gold on them. Ed replied well we taste them and described how it was done. According to Ed he had the inspector tasting bolts all over the plant.

    I've had a few tried on me too. As a new instrument repairman I had another repairman put a nickle in the barrel of a clarinet and had me try to play test it.Took about 15 min. to discover the problem. Was blowing like hell and nothing would come out. In the Auto parts business they tried all sorts of things to goof you up, and as a teacher, the gag is to send the new teachers to the district office to pick up their thanksgiving turkey.

    Thanks for your input, Matt

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    In my first year of Vo-tech machine shop one of the wise guys sent me to the instructor for a set of "Adjustable Allen Wrenches". The joke was on me. The next week the same guy sent me for "Adjustable Paralels". When I came back with them, the joke was on him!


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      I actually have a brass magnet. Bought it off one of the senior guys on this forum for 200 bucks. Didn't seem to work when it arrived in the mail. Contacted the "senior" guy, and he said it was damaged by the Canadian post office, so I should put in a claim with them.

      Mike "Where is Canada"


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        Lindsay Publications sells a book on how to build an electromagnet which attracts only nonferrous metals. No I'm not kidding. No, I haven't bought it, yet.


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          Not me. I did not have much of a sense of humor when tricks were played on me. I am not so anal now, so I don't mind the odd prank as long as it does not involve the tools - like picking a toolbox lock and replacing the cylinder with a different one. That really gets them going. Had one guy put his friends tools in the womans washroom while he was in the can.

          I remember this crusty old bastard that mounted a silver dime on his counter wired to a buzz box and watched out of the corner of his eye for someone to try to take it - then he hit the button and taught them not to steal stuff off of his counters. He taught many people a good lesson - crime does not pay! I never touched it, but he would dare me to stick my nose on it for a $1 discount on my bicycle parts. Saved $3 in one day - AND cleared my sinuses out!


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            What a way to clean out the sinuses. I guess if shocks could clean things, my sister would never have had to wash. She's still alive, by the way, I didn't kill her. Her cooking's not bad, either. With a carbide edged blade, I could actually cut the meatloaf.
            I seldom do anything within the scope of logical reason and calculated cost/benefit, etc- I'm following my passion-


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              Worked at a place where we sent the new guy for a bucket of steam. The power plant guys were pissed until they caught on. They sent him for a gallon of poka dot paint. Don't get many new guys like that.



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                Working in a furniture plant I've had a few people wander through the shop looking for the board stretcher. I send them to the supply center. Not sure where they send them off to.

                I could tell of a few tricks, but you fellers might get ideas. Oftentimes innocent trickery gets carried away with and turns nasty.


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                  The one I fell for is the one I will always remember. I had some friends laying concrete blocks on my new house foundation. One of them asked me to hand him the "henway" so I naturally asked him "What's a henway?" and he said "Oh, about three pounds!"


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                    I used to play a trick on my parts man, I came in with all of the paperworked filleed out for a "dual rutinator". I clued the parts manager in on this, so he played along.
                    This got the point that the parts manager were drawing a diagram of a hoover up right vacuum c;leaner and pointing out the parts of it that made it a dual rutinator, not a single rutinator.
                    The parts man, looked for about an hour for this item. He came back and said that we didn't have any dual rutinator and that he would order some and have them sent by FedEx.
                    The next day I got a call from the parts man, he told me that there were no dual rutinators to be found, but he could take two single rutinators and make a dual rutinator for me.



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                      3 or 4 times during my two years at the Base Weather Detachment on Guam, we'd get a young MAC aircrew member, on his first mission across the Pacific, reporting to the weather station to turn in the air samples he'd been assigned to take on the trip over. We'd issue him a receipt for the cardboard box full of some 40 or 50 neatly folded and taped small paper bags labeled with Lat/Lon, FL, TAS, outside air temp, etc.. The rest of the crew, and any other onlookers privy to the joke would be slinking in the shadows trying to stifle their laughter. 'Course these were just bags of air from inside the cabin. They had no capability to capture outside air. I always felt for the poor guy, but it was funny, and they all seemed to take it in good humor.


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                        While you are referring to polka dot paint, I was surprised to see that Krylon are now producing camouflage paint, in a spray can. Can polka dots be far behind?
                        Richard Medway


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                          When I was in grad school in engineering, I was introduced to machining by a couple of characters. I was allowed to watch as they made parts of my apparatus, including a part turned from a 7" rod of 316 stainless. It was turned on a Monarch AC/DC lathe, by the way. As the part was finished, Herman (the older of the two and a true "hammer and chisel guy" - the other was a fine instrument maker - a good combination) cut it off and caught it in his hand and handed it to me to look at. It actually sizzled in my hand!! Of course, I dropped it and Herman said "it didn't take him long to look at that!" He picked it right up - it did not burn him at all - I guess he had calloused hands from years at the lathe. I thought it was funny at the time, although it was HOT! A.T.


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                            When I started out we had a boss with the nickname of Mother, and no there was no second half to the name. Well he wasn't especially fond of the name so NOBODY used to his face. One of the other apprentices was told to go ask Mother for something and he didn't know who Mother was so he went and asked the boss. Till that boss retire this guy never did get out of the doghouse.
                            Forty plus years and I still have ten toes, ten fingers and both eyes. I must be doing something right.


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                              I guess you guys had all the fun -

                              I used to be a chef - had a fool head cook pull this on me -

                              one day while using the meat slicer on tomatoes He decided it would be fun to sneak up behind me and drop an empty #10 can. Being on the machine I was concentrating and sorta saw him out of the corner of my eye so I knew he was there - and did not put my hand through the slicer.

                              When he dropped the can I took a half step back and burried my elbo in his solar-plexux (breast bone)! And then dared him to tell the boss.

                              Then 10 months ago after moving my office (at work) a couple of the "boys" though it was fun to rearange my furniture. Came in the office at 5 AM pushed my door open and tripped over the chair that was where my plant belonged. I go in for surgery tomorrow on my shoulder after 10 months of unmitigated excruciating pain. On top of that I look forwared to 4 to 8 weeks off work doing physical therapy.

                              So you can see what I think of practical jokes on the work site !!!

                              Be careful it's a jungle out there (with thanks to the Hill Street Blues)!!

                              Dave - Castro Valley CA - Smithy, Select Mill, Atlas 6" and Unimat lathe