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Atlas? You're kidding; Right?

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  • Atlas? You're kidding; Right?

    When did Atlas put their name on this crap? Better question is WHY?

    Here's the link:

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    Search me! I wrote them a letter back around 1990 asking them "why" they did not re-introduce the Model 618, but I never got a reply. Maybe this was their response?


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      I remember seeing these advertised a few years ago. They had the lathe and also the mini mill with the Atlas name tag on them. IIRC the price was about 100 each higher than the other ones (Grizzly, Mircomark, Homer,etc)that was the same lathe and mill. I guess they thought the Atlas name made it worth more.
      Paul in NE Ohio


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        Atlas ??? Why ???

        Al & others;
        We can only guess WHY ??? Does Atlas Press Co. still exist as an entity ? (I'll have to search that...) Like was said, I guess someone was trying to cash in on the name. Gawd, it even looks crude from the pic....

        The 618 may not have been the best lathe ever made, but it was good value for the money. The Atlas design is easy to make & optimizes mass produced parts (eg the zamak gears, handles, etc.) Yes, I now have 2 Atlas lathes. (Got a 618 for free, with all sorts of accessories.) I use them in conjunction with a 13 in. Southbend toolroom & a 24 in. McDougal...semi-professional use.
        For light work & 2nd operation stuff where you don't want to tie up a big lathe, they shine. I can keep the little Atlases set up to do stupid stuff as I have little tied up in them. Also they don't take up much shop space.
        That's the way I feel, anyway.


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          Dat Atlas looks like one a Deez:

          Actually, it's a pretty good little lathe, much better than the majority of the Asian imports.

          This guy, a self-confessed lover of old American iron, tells the secret of why these are pretty good lathes:

          The telling thing is to look at his table that compares them with the small American lathes:

          Hint: it's the weight. These things are built beefier than the avg Asian machine you will have seen. Perhaps Atlas thought they were okay, or at least good enough.



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            Bob, not quite look at the tailstock.

            IIRC V/P had advertisments for this lathe years Ago.


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              You may be right about the 8x14 Bob but the one in the auction is a 7x10. According to the seller, "The lathe weighs 69 pounds by the bathroom scale method."

              WHERE'S THE BEEF?


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                Atlas milling machines are still available. A few years back, I looked into a new 2VS. They were about $6,500 then. I was told by the sales rep. that Atlas mills were made in Taiwan only. Haven't met one personally though, so I don't know how they would compare to say Jet or others.
                As far as I am aware, Atlas lathes are now nonexistant new.



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                  Originally posted by CCWKen
                  "The lathe weighs 69 pounds by the bathroom scale method."

                  WHERE'S THE BEEF?
                  69lbs?!?? ROFL. Not sure what to do with that. Visions of the lathe spinning as soon as the tool hits the workpiece ala what you see in the kid's cartoons.

                  Definitely not the same lathe.



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