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Lurkers come out of the woodwork2!

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  • Lurkers come out of the woodwork2!

    My second improvement came from the previously mentioned search for ''tenths'. I achieve this by turning the topslide to about 6 degrees and use it as a very fine feed. Of course, the crosslide feed has to be used to get close to the final dimension, but there is its knob, sticking out at the front of the lathe, just where I can catch it with a hand, elbow or pocket, dramatically changing the hunt for 'tenths' to a hunt for tenths of an inch!
    So I made this simple protective shield out of delrin, which I had laying around, so the front knob on the crosslide feed cannot now be jogged by anything. I use the coarse feed as usual, then once I get close to dimension, ready to chase 'tenths' with the topslide, I slide this over the crossslide dovetail, and seek my 'tenths' with nary a care in the world .
    Here is a shot showing the underneath of the shield. You'll need a sixty degree dovetailcutter of course, but the materials can be anything to hand.

    Here is the shield in position on the crossslide dovetail. This is probably old hat to all you professionals, but it helps me to not screw up so many pieces!

    Richard in Los Angeles

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    Ok that is just too clean! Good idea!



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      Compound setover for Tenths


      <"I achieve this by turning the topslide to about 6 degrees and use it as a very fine feed.>"

      Compound at 2deg 51' 57" (3deg) .010" on compound equalls 0.0010" on diameter. [Mr Osbourn. Sr Apprentice Instructor. About Oct 1955.]

      Good for boring, except length is changing 0.0099" also.

      Nice Job. {I never bump the handles!}
      Les H.
      The Impossible Takes Just A Little Bit Longer!


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        I guess I did over-clean my lathe a bit, it doesn't always look that good!
        Richard in Los Angeles