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    This post is of a step that I fashioned for my 1993 Dodge Cummings desiel 3/4 ton.
    I think the truck had lifting bolcks installed before I aquired the truck. When launching the boat I would have to wade back to the boat trailer to disconnect the boat to launch it. I would get wet and I hate getting wet, I havn't had a bath in years.

    So that is reason for the step just back of the drivers door. The handle that you see on the side of the step pulls a pin that will let you move the step in or out or totaly remove the step.

    This is the spring loaded lever, it has a pin welded on the end and sets in a hole. The object of this is pull the step out and get in the bed of the truck, when done it can be slid in and be out of the way so you would not bark a shin on it. As it has turned out the step works well left in the retracted position, the truck bed is easy to get in and out.

    This pic showes how the step was fastened to the frame of the truck. A couple of hooks were made from flat bar to slip over the lip on the frame and bolt to the angle. The top hook is between the fuel tank and the frame. If you look closely you can see a jog in the sq. tubbing, that was done to clear the emergency brake cables

    I will do one more post of a flat bar ring roller than I will quit.
    Don\'t ask me to do a dam thing, I\'m retired.

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    That's pretty slick, and I like the release handle.

    I'm a little concerned about it being held on by just one bolt at the top of the mounting bracket, though. That looks like a 5/16" nut, but maybe it's larger. You've got quite a moment arm there, and you'd probably wreck your emergency brake cable if it let go. You'd get really wet, too.

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