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  • Scraping school announcement

    I passed on to Rich King that several people were interested in a scraping school. Here's the text of his reply. While this might be considered a commercial announcement I hope the webmaster will consider it central to the interests of a portion of the membership.

    Text begins:

    Hello I just got an email from Forrest Abby and old friend of mine.آ  I teach classes on scraping in my Cottage Grove, MN home/shop.آ  I use to teach at major manufacturing plants around the world; GM, Cummins, Carrier, US Navy, etc.آ  I have taught basic machine rebuilding classes to over 6000 people in the past 20 years and now I have a occasional class at my shop.آ  I'm talking of having one in the spring.آ 

    I have 3 men who are really interested.آ  I have a weekend class or Thursday, Friday, Sat and Sun and we try to get in at least 45 to 50 hours in on learning to scrape & flake small cast iron bars (1 x 4 x 12") by hand and Biax Power.آ  This usually takes to learn about 10 hours.آ 

    Then you would learn how to scrape the knee of a Bridgeport or similar machine.آ  The knee of a Bridgeport is a good learning tool as you need to learn how to check squareness, parralellism, flatness, gibs, lubrication, etc.آ  You could have your Bridgeport knee shipped to me via truck and fly out.آ  The weekend class makes it possible for you to get a special price with a saturday night stay price.آ  I charge $500.00 to $900.00 each dependng on how many people attend.آ  I have room for 4 people.آ  I also can travel to you, but for one person my $2500.00 per week plus expenses is a bit expensive.آ 

    I have 2 Biax Power scrapers that I let the men use and also have a good supply of hand scrapers.آ  If you care to own these tools I do sell them new as I am a Dapra Distributor.آ  I do have a video I sell for $75.00 that basically teaches my scraping techniques that I teach in my classes.

    Thanks and I hope to be of service

    Richard King
    10855 68th Street S
    Cottage Grove, MNآ  55016

    [email protected]

    End of text

    Rich sent me a review copy of his video and I think its worth the money for someone trying to acquire the skill without benefit of a mentor.

    Wish I could afford to go myself.

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    Thanks Forrest - Wish I could! I plunked down 75.00 for the video, don't regret it.


    Don't care much for 2,000 for the Biax scraper tho!!


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      Fred if you've got to scrape a large machine in as in a crankshaft grinder or a large boring mill the $2,000 for the Biax is chicken feed.
      Forty plus years and I still have ten toes, ten fingers and both eyes. I must be doing something right.


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        See your point...