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Surface Grinder = Open side planer

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  • Surface Grinder = Open side planer

    I recently needed the use of a small shaper part size approx 1/8 sq x 4" long
    9 pieces, I made special soft (aluminum) jaws for my 4" drillpress vise, I machined a step inthe jaws to support the work and machined it in place so as to be parallel to the base. I made a tool holder to replace the wheel guard on my manual surface grinder, removed the wheel, indicated the vise to the table stroke, less than a thou in 4", the tool was set on a 12-1/2 deg angle and just using the down feed I planned to within .004 of the finished size and reversed the part so the highpoint would be in the center. Did all 9 pieces then reset the downfeed to final size and replanned all 9 pieces so they all came out identical.
    I was very happy with the final result and as I only have a mill that does not let the head swivel this was my solution. I used a carbide tool and it cut so smoothly.
    Just thought I would share this.