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    Ina previous post i made mention as to wether my hydro to the shop was sufficient to run my new air compressor and a mig welder. I read the replies and found I hadnt supplied enough or incorrect information as to the wire type. Hm. I guess theres a lot of differant wire types out there DuH..Its CSA NMD 90 XLPE Canadex 300 V cable. How many amps can be run through this without burning down my home. Thanx everyone. Mike

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    If it is 3 gauge like you said before it is rated for 105 amp service.
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      I think what you supplied is manufacturer part number sorts of stuff. What is needed is the wire gauge (often embossed into the insulation, but sometimes not with service entrance wire. I will not encourage you to use calipers to measure it, but the diameter of the strand bundle will tell you. The other important part is whether it is copper or aluminum. Aluminum will not (safely) carry as much current for the same diameter as copper.

      Paul Carpenter
      Mapleton, IL


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        You're not going to get much more help until you find out what gauge wire you have. I just now figured out you're in Canada. By the looks of the spec you listed, it's small wire. 300v rated insulation in the US is generally lamp cord wire. Down here (US), most feeder wire is 600 or 1000 volt rated.

        Still need to know the size of the wire to give a good answer.


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          Mike mentioned that it was three gauge. According to here the ampacity is 105.
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            Thanx Guys

            Evan thankyou i will attempt a electrical upgrade in the shop tp 100 amp sercvice. Ill get one of them do it yerself books. Thanx everyone.