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303 Stainless as crankpins.

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    Originally posted by Michael Edwards View Post

    Looks like you missed the decimal point... it's .18% carbon

    Dang, I got scooped.
    Sho 'nuff fixing
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      Originally posted by Richard P Wilson View Post
      I don't know what 1018 material is.
      Welcome to the party. We all have been down this road and I still get it confused,

      1018? Well I think to seperate it. 10 and 18. The 10 is the de'tonation that it is a an Iron product? I think. The 18 is a value of the carbon content. High corbon/ low carbon stuff.

      18 would be low carbon, 45 might be high. . JR


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        Look up Nitronic 60, one of the best for non galling steel. If it's for show and tell, the 303 is fine and you can replace it if it wears ?

        This alloy provides a significant lower cost way to fight wear and galling compared to Nickel or Cobalt based alloys.

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