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Suspenders in the Shop !!!

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    Originally posted by David Powell View Post
    Ever since an unfortunate" Wardrobe Malfunction" which occurred on a busy subway station platform my wife has strongly encouraged me to wear suspenders .
    Once I put the damned things on I seldom take them off until bedtime.
    However, When I work in my shop if I am wearing them I find they catch on all sorts of things, especially handles and my progress is often impeded, or even occasionally reversed as I inadvertantly test their elasticity!!!
    Are there any good " Work Arounds" which do not involve removing the suspenders and frequently hitching my trousers back up!
    Belts do not work well, I am rather pear shaped.
    Regards David Powell.
    David, I sympathize with your "wardrobe malfunction" , but a subway station platform ain't no record. I "mooned" at least twice that many people at the Indianapolis Airport last year. I received three wolf whistles and one proposal of marriage while my wife was dying of embarassment and I couldn't stop laughing.



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      All that comes into my head when the thread title comes up is Liza Minelli in Cabaret, those are suspenders.