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What is the difference between emco and enco??

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  • What is the difference between emco and enco??

    Hello all, I have seen alot of posts on here of people talking about enco machines. are these the same as emco machines? is it just misspelled?

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    ENco is a catalog house, they do do some manufacture, or used to of toolposts and turrett attachments. Most of their machinery is asian imported stuff.

    EMco is Emco, maker of Unimat or was, they have had some corporate restructuring, we have Unimat woodworking molders at work, high dollar high line equipment.

    Emco lathes are high quality, made in Austria, expensive little things.


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      yeah I did more searching and found that out, Thanks.


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        Okay new question, What is the deal with these poseidon lathes and milling machines, they look just like the emco machines but are made in taiwan, there adress is they say they are "precision" tools (but every one always does) Has anyone ever seen one or used one, whats the story?


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          I do not know what the hell Enco sells, I ask for their catalog and never get one.

          For the record there are at least 2 Emco's in the world. Emco in Canada is a Huge Plumbing Wholesale distributor.

          Emco from Austria make really nice mills and lathes from the diminutive Unimat 4 (newest) to full sized state of the art machines that feature things like "Constant Linear Velocity" - as the tool moves to the center of the work the lathe's speed increases. They also have a built in computer that calculate proper cutting speeds based on material being cut. Sort of a Semi-CNC like the Harris lathes.