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  • Carbide inserts

    After reading the face mill thread I realized that I need some new inserts. Where do you guys buy your inserts.
    John b. SW Chicago burbs.

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    Ebay. I'm not a pro and the no-name inserts work just fine for my uses. Plus, $30 a box hurts a lot less than $30 an insert


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      I also get mostly on ebay, if you have a reasonable idea of the value and what you want, it is a cheap way to go. There are 3 other industrial suppliers which I occasionally use for limited ammounts in the UK also. One of these, APT will also supply some of their carbide inserts in small quantities rather than 10 minimum which is good for the home user who would like to try out several grades.
      The cheapest Chinese ones have got a lot better in recent years.


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        Banggood has a good selection, decent prices, and a reputation for some quality. Might not be Kennemetal quality but hobby use won't be a problem.


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          I do it for a living, when I need a tool or inserts I simply tell my employer to buy THIS (-:

          On a more serious note MSC stocks a wide range of insert tooling, there are many tool suppliers that are less expensive but do not want hobbyists ordering 1 $17.00 insert.