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Texans: Heads Up on a 10EE

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  • John Williams
    Asked a few questions on the PM forum. Not much interest from the 10EE experts. They noted that the backgear gearbox is missing, so a VFD repower would be a possibility but very low threading speeds would be unavailable. Read that forum for links to some repower info.

    If a guy was close and could take a look, he may see enough of a rebuild prospect. I decided to pass...

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    Guest replied
    That would make a nice project machine, that 12" 3-Jaw he has looks in pretty good shape. Wonder what the reserve price is on the chuck?

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  • Schutzhund
    started a topic Texans: Heads Up on a 10EE

    Texans: Heads Up on a 10EE

    I spotted this on ebay with a "Buy it Now" of $500.

    Too far away for me to go check it out...thought maybe one of you may be interested in checking it out.

    No relation to seller...blah blah blah