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  • sniping service recommendations?

    Did a search for free sniping services. AuctionStealer, JustSnipe, and HammerSnipe were the first likely suspects found. For occasional use I do not want to pay fees.

    Does anyone have a favorite or know of reasons to avoid a particular service?

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    I use auctionsniper. Put five bucks in it with paypal a while ago, still running. Works too good, according to my wife. Says I have too many packages showing up in the mail/ups. Go figure.

    In all seriousness, it is really cheap, and it made my buy ratio go up from less than 20% to closer to 75%+. Worth a few quarters to get a service that is reliable.



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        I use The first 200 points were free and then it's a penny a point after that. I pay them with paypal. I think my $10.00 I pay gets me something like 1,000 total in purchases if I'm not mistaken.

        esnipe gives me just as much of a chance to win as the guys living next to the servers. Now when I loose, it's cause someone bid more than me. I also don't have to stay up all night to make a last minute bid. And, I don't have to betray my interest in the auction until a few seconds before it's over, this keeps me from starting needless bidding wars. also allows you to create a bid folder. This means I can bid on 25 Bridgeports all at the same time and as soon as I win one, all the others are cancelled. This means I can lowball and hope to get lucky. (I normally don't !)
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          I use You pay up front for a block of snipes, the smallest block is $5 for 20, up to $40 for 250, no other fees whatsoever. You get 5 free snipes just for signing up, and there are referral programs that earn you more snipes. You can pay with Paypal, and the best part is a snipe only counts against you when you win the auction.



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            Originally posted by Leigh
            My right index finger. It's never missed yet
            Unfortunately mine is only 3" long, finger that is , not a lot of help when I'm 200 miles away.

            I signed up for a program as I was sick of forgetting auctions, going back and finding they had sold cheaper than I was prepared to bid.

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              Okay, so I haven't bid on e-bay for over 3 years and am now starting to look again so please fill me in on what a sniping program is, please.


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                sniping program

                A sniping program bids for you. The one I used last, bid for me with 2 seconds left on the bid clock. Got the item.

                Do a Google search and it should find several. (sniping programs)

                The programs will state how they bid and any cost for using.


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                  I decided to try AuctionStealer. It asked for my Ebay password, so I went to Ebay and Paypal and changed my password, something I should have done long ago. Then completed registration and entered bids on two items. After the first auction ended, checked on Ebay and I was not shown as a bidder. The item sold for $31 more than my high bid. Then checked email and AuctionStealer had sent an email saying the the current bid was above my max when it tried to enter my bid. No problem, I was not willing to pay that much for that item.

                  Second item is completed, I was the high bidder. I am satisfied so far, every time I go to AuctionStealer they try to get me to upgrade to their paid service but it is not worth it to me yet. I will not use it very often.
                  North Central Arkansas


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                    So I signed up for a snipe service and picked 4 seconds to place the bid. First bid I was outbid. My bid was the highest at 4 seconds but someone else kicked a higher bit with maybe 2 seconds. The question is....I set my time for 4 seconds thinking that 1 or 2 seconds would be too late, but what kind of time is common and works? What kind of times do you guys use?


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                      Doesn't matter really - point is just to be late enough that people can't respond. 2 or 5 or even 15 seconds shouldn't make much odds IMO.

                      Not a sniping service, but I use


                      Works fine and is completely free - you do need to have a decent fast connection though, and leave the computer online as the auction ends.




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                        I'm confused here...what do these "services" provide? I see an auction, I decide I want it and bid to my limit and wait for the end. Why do I need this service?


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                          Originally posted by sandiapaul
                          Why do I need this service?
                          Hi Paul,

                          The idea behind sniping is to place a high bid late enough in the auction that none of the other bidders have an opportunity to bid higher. Very few people REALLY bid the max that they would pay for an item. So if you bid late, and much higher than the current bid, it's likely you'll win the auction at only one bid increment above the next highest bidder.

                          The tactic is used very frequently, and it works. It may not find favor with some bidders, but that's their problem.

                          Where the strategy fails is if two people try to snipe the same auction. Then the item may sell for much mroe than it's worth. I saw one guy get caught this way. He won an auction for a radio at $450, just above the second-place bidder at $440 (IIRC). The radio was actually worth ~$50.

                          If you don't want to wait around (or stay up) until the auction ends, you can tell the service to place the bid for you. You tell them how much to bid and when (3 seconds before it ends, or 2, or 5, or whatever). They place the bid automagically They probably only charge if you win. I don't know... I've never used one of the sniping services.
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                            All of the gear, no idea...


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                              If I told you that, I might loose more bids. Why not just raise your bid? If you keep loosing with snipe software, you're bidding too low.

                              Snipe or not, the highest bid wins.