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How much should I offer for a South bend 14" lathe?

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  • How much should I offer for a South bend 14" lathe?

    Saw a newer (maybe 10-15 years old) south bend lathe advertised in the paper and want to make an offer on it. It has a 3 jaw and a 4 jaw and is in fair condition. It has a few dings in the bed and some wear but over all would work fine. I have a South Bend 10K that I will keep, but want a little bigger lathe for some projects. Do you have any idea what this might be worth? Thanks--Mike.

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    These "newer" South Bends don't go for as much money as the older ones and parts support is poor to non-existent on these machines, even on the used market. I don't think they sold very many of them, and you hardly ever see parts for them come up on Ebay. They're ok machines, not great but ok.

    You need to look at this machine carefully and make sure everything is functional because of the parts situation. If its in reasonable shape I'd look to pay no more than $1000. to $1500. for it. If you get much higher than that in price range you could get something like a Clausing that you can still get parts for.

    Good luck


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      Do you mean a South Bend "Fourteen"? Notice that I spelled it out, that's because there was a particular model called a "Fourteen". It used an electronic spindle speed control that was very problematic. Supposedly SB offered a kit that converted the electronics from an Italian firm to some other company's electronics. A Fourteen with original electronics isn't worth much at all - maybe a few hundred, since it is a project. If it had the conversion, then its worth between $1,500 and $2,500 based on overall condition.

      If it is a "Turnado" (or whatever they called those things) with a 14" swing, then its probably worth a good deal more.


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        The model number is CL 146 Fd and I could not tell from the South Bend website what that is. The owner said that it is a 1960's model and I am going to look at it on Monday, if I can get away from work. There is only one chuck with it and not much tooling. Thanks--Mike.


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          I hate this 'make an offer' job.
          They know how much they want in their mind, they just hope you will go above.

          When someone says to me , make an offer, I offer آ£1.00
          The splutter and bumble and say no it's worth far more than that.
          I say OK if you think it's worth more than that how much do you think it's worth.
          That's the figure they have in their mind.

          Now you have turned the tables on them and you are in the position of knowing what they want, but they don't know what you are willing to offer.

          Got some good deals that way without having to bother to haggle.


          Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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            It is a Fourteen and has a box on the top of the headstock cover. Maybe that is the updated electronic control? Will know more after Monday. You guys sure are helpful. If you could just help me understand women (my wife) my life would be alot easier


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              Another 'bargaining' method I have used with people that want you to make an offer first, I just say that I think it's great, but have a limited budget. I then ask what they feel they 'need' to have for it to make it wirth their while. If it's outrageous, I sometimes just walk away at that point, just say sorry I can't afford it, but wish them luck selling. (So will most other folks that try to deal with them.) If it's in the realm of where I think I can reach a deal, I might say that's great, but I only have 'this much'.

              I also learned long ago to have varying amounts of cash in different pockets (and know how much in each), so when they come to an amount of, say $300, you can pull the $250 out of one pocket, and $50 out of another, and they don't see the rest of the money you have.



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                All the "Fourteen" s have the electronic boxes with a plastic meter about 2" square. Do a careful functional check of the spindle speed control and go from there. I'm not sure how you can determine whether the retrofit has been done or not. If the spindle speed control works well, that is probably a good indicator that it has been done. If it doesn't, well you know what that means....


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                  It had a plastic meter on the front and the box was about 13" long and about three inches high. It looked like it was added on above the headstock. Thanks to all--Mike.


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                    When the question of $ comes up like When the owner of what ever says " what do you think its worth?"
                    I always say "I make it a habit of never saying what another persons stuff is worth." Some times this gains me a little respect from the owner.

                    Most of the time they don't have a clue what it's worth,and shoot a high price,if you show them you know a bit about it and did your homework they can see that and deal accordingly.