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OT: Windows 10 Computer Boots With Inoperative Keyboard

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  • OT: Windows 10 Computer Boots With Inoperative Keyboard

    I have a desktop PC that is running Windows 10. It has served for over five years as my primary computer. It is not a name brand but was built by a local computer shop and they did the original Windows 10 install. I turn it off every night before I go to sleep.

    For the past several weeks it has been booting with the keyboard inoperative. After trying several ways of booting it, I have found that if I interrupt the boot sequence by turning the power off after it starts and then turning the power on again, then it will boot normally. So far, this has worked every time. But almost every time that I just try to boot it normally, it comes up with the keyboard not operational.

    I am wondering if this has been caused by a Windows 10 update. And I am wondering if anyone else with Windows 10 has seen this problem.
    Paul A.
    SE Texas

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    This has happened to me on a linux desktop before. I opened it up and vacuumed/blew out all the dust bunnies and the problem went away. YMMV.


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      Lots of things to try if you Google "win 10 keyboard not working." You can start with the troubleshooter. Reload driver etc.


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        My crystal ball says failing power supply.....


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          Is it a USB keyboard? Check device manager to see if the driver is OK and the device is operating correctly. But this does sound like a power supply problem, and might be failing filter capacitors on the motherboard. Connections are always the "usual suspects" for problems like this. There is also an event history you can examine to see why you had the failures.

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