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  • Alistair Hosie
    Good luck of course like all of us "as an elderly friend explained it to me" are completely addicted I hope when it arrives it brings many days of fun for you, after all that's why most of us are on this website as we don't do machining simply because we have too there is an ellement of enjoyment and in some cases it's all enjoyment.certainly I do it because it is good fun and part of the fun as you have discovered is buying that new toy and the joy of wondering where it will go and finally setting it in place and switching it on for the first time oh joy oh joy oh joy .seriously Eddie have a good time Alistair

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  • eddie6675
    started a topic People of the like

    People of the like

    Hi every one, I've missed being able to sit and chat at the computer...well... actually I've been working and making chips! Almost done with all those little homemade tools and trinkets, and have moved on to being able to make parts for the evil british car that got me into machining in the first place! and finally.... After 3 years of hunting, I got a chance to buy an old elgin turret lathe, to go with the little 618 atlas I worked my butt off for... Sorry to sound like I'm bragging, but darn I'm exited! You're probably the only people around who understand the bug home machinists catch. So things are good, and hopefully the same is true with any reader of this post. Thanks fellas, if it was'nt for this board I'd be pretty lost!
    P.S. when did they change the site? what I can't leave people alone for....uh...well.. better quit while I can..