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very small tungsten drills

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  • very small tungsten drills

    I bought a set of tungsten drills you know the ones selling on ebay ex space technology fifty in a box.Boy are they small .The little ones are smaller than hypodermic syringes ,I could hardly see them without my glasses on seriously can they be used and what for.I understand a lot of people use small drills for locomotive and steam enghine work but these seem even too small for that.I have a small drill holder which is designed with a collet to use these in a standard drill press and I will need it the shanks are fine but the drills themselves well I said it already.Alistair
    Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease

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    You could take up dentistry,but please practice on yourself first.
    With the huge sums of money you'll make,you can buy ALL the machinery you want.Even the green ones!
    But seriously,unless you're into sub-micro machining,I can't really see any practical use for these things.But they sure are pretty to look at.
    Greetings from the bottom off the world.


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      circuit boards

      I use them on circuit boards for tiny holes


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        For PCB drilling systems, such as Excellon, those drills are operated in the 20k - 120k RPM range. If you look up Excellon, they also give "hit rates' ... something like 2,000 to 3,000 hits (holes) per drill.

        Ok Alistair, we're counting

        The medium sizes might me good for jewelry work, like making holes to string things. You could make your own aerosol orifices. Ultra fine misting for plants. You can use larger sizes to get the remnants of larger sizes out of your finger if you're not careful with them



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          These are circuit board drills, as has been noted previously.

          The problem is, you can't use them at spindle speeds available to us mere mortals Try to drill anything at 2,000 RPM and the bit will disintegrate instantly. And they're not designed to drill metal. PC boards are made out of various laminates which are similar to fiberglass.
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            Matador I was employed in the dental profession most of my life as an orthodontic/dental technician these are even too small for thatAlistair
            Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease