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    Maybe this will help; each folder has a date.
    The open pictures just have names.


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      Originally posted by J Tiers View Post
      Mistake #1 is using any of the "pre-provided" default Windows file folders. They are AFU.

      I keep ALL data in a different place, and keep photos by date. I have a big document that shows a short description of what is in each date, and I can just search it for a keyword to find what I am looking for.
      Hey. Why do you think my wife Bronwyn always asks, why do you have so many computers up here. Thats upstairs in the office.

      My computers are from state of the art to the beginning (Wind-doors). PC, cant afford Mac thanks.

      The reason I have so many PC boxes running is for Legacy programs. Win 10 cant even see the old azzed software I need to run.

      So, many computers and associated software for every needs right. All eggs in one basket? Naw.. JR

      Hey? Leisure Suit Larry runs better on the Win95 Box is all I am saying... JR
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        Try this, it may be helpful:

        1) open "File Explorer"

        2) on the menu bar select "View"

        3) click "Preview pane", a new preview viewing pane will open on the right side of file explorer. (Note that if there are only a few files in that particular directory, there will be only a narrow, sometimes difficult to see, vertical line between the directory pane, and the preview pane. If there are many files in the directory there will be a vertical scroll bar between the two panes. The size of the preview pane can be changed to show a larger or smaller image by dragging the vertical dividing line, or scroll bar, to the left or to the right).

        4) navigate through your directories to wherever your photos are stored (they'll usually have a "jpg" extension, but there may be others. "gif" is another fairly common file type).

        5) click on that file. It should show up in the preview window but bear in mind that not all photos are saved with previews, in that case it will say, in the preview pane, "No Preview Available".

        This same method may work with other file types. For instance, If Photoshop is installed you can preview Photoshop "psd" files in the same way.