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  • Coolant Pump Viscosity

    I have an AMT model 4230-97 coolant pump I looked up the specs on line, and it recommends a maximum viscosity of 900SSU. I know nothing of viscosity values other than what I read on a motor oil bottle. I found a conversion chart, the 90SSU is equal to 180cSt. I then found a website for motor oils, and that chart appears to show 180cSt to be about a 40W oil.

    Can someone verify or correct what I am reading? My reason is, up till now I have been using a strong ratio of Rustlick ws5050, meaning a gallon of ws5050 with a couple quarts of water for through barrel reaming. What I would like to switch to is a light cutting oil mixed with some ATF, but want to be sure the pump will pump it.

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    No idea about Viscosity,I found the same one at Dump with the round column broke.I shortened the column along with impeller shaft and pressed impeller back on works like a Champ! I’m assuming any coolant your using should be fine.


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      Saybolt Seconds


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        I'm running an ISO32, or approximately 10 weight, cutting oil in my CNC lathe, and the centrifugal pump has no trouble pushing plenty of volume through the nozzles.

        ATF is generally considered around 5-weight, or even less, so if you mixed those two 50-50, you'd have something around 7.5 weight. (Theoretically. )

        I'd wager your pump will have no trouble at all with it.

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          I use Texaco Sultex D for reaming and broaching at work, it's listed at 168 SUS @ 100F and 45 SUS @ 210F

          Here's the specs for the Texaco product, you should be able to find the same for your flavor of cutting oil-

          I just need one more tool,just one!