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Project task snowballing....

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  • Project task snowballing....

    We all know how this stuff goes. We start out doing something. It needs a jig or small tool made. Or maybe it starts out needing nothing. But you realize you are fresh out of 3/8 end mills or you make a cut and check it and it's not quite right. Well, I had this happen this afternoon. It all started when another thread started me out on checking one of my milling vises.....
    • Vise on shaper proves to be out of whack in vertical mode.
    • Remove vise from shaper and decide to take it apart and test various parts on surface plate.
    • Notice that the ball bearings riding on the shaft have deformed the collar badly.. Will need to shop for a proper thrust bearing and install... Short side track, park job for now. Back onto main task....
    • Offer up fixed jaw to a known good square and a good backlight. Fancy that, it's clearly not square. Let's fix that.
    • Over to the mill and mount the other vise. But first let's use the DTI to check for vertical runout so our "fix" is truly square. Well, THAT jaw isn't square EITHER.
    • Shim top of jaw with a strip of .002 stainless I have on hand. Start to check for true
    • Notice that as I reverse from lift to drop on the knee of the mill that the DTI jumps about 2 or 2.5 thou.... Hmmph, looks like it's time to slightly tweak the tapered gib.
    • Play with gib a bit because I can't remember which way is looser and which way is unlooser. Figure it out and start moving the gib.
    • While running the lower downward facing screw out it binds slightly then something slips and my hand slams into the lift screw tower... OUCH!
    • Recover only to find that screw head has stripped off. And I wasn't even using that much torque on it ! ! ! !
    • Good news though. It was out far enough that the screw was sticking out enough to jam on a piece of rubber fuel line and screw it out.
    • AND I have a suitable length M6x1 screw that I can use if I make up a little button head for it to fit over the cap head to push against the gib. So WOOHOO for that small bit of good luck.
    So let's see.... I've now got three or four new things I have to do before I can do the thing I set out to do.

    I'm just glad that when the screw head broke off that it was already out a good ways. It's the one from below so there would not have been a lot of room to work on it if it were flush or below the surrounding metal. And that would have meant pulling the table and crossslide off and lifting the knee off the column so I could work on it. So as these things go it's at least fairly benign.

    .... Thankyou for attending my TED Rant.....

    Chilliwack BC, Canada

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    I’ve got some new thrust bearing that came with Auction Stuff if you want,I will have to check size.


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      I hate when I have to fix stuff that is needed to fix stuff.


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        Sounds like an adventure.

        Project creep. I don't think that has ever happened to me.....