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OT - painting exposed magneto coil laminations?

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    The laminations are E shaped, and it has three poles in proximity to the flywheel. The location under the engine cover does get a lot of heat and it does probably dry out well after use. But it also sucks a bunch of dust and debris and blows it right over the coil, so that is brutal. I do wonder if the spendy OEM coil has varnish/etc on the laminations. I'll take a look today.

    Poor packing in shipping, combined with weak pinning to hold the laminations together, has opened up a slight gap between one leg of the laminations. Mounted on the engine, that gap is located on the upper most surface. It did not draw together when bolted to the block. I'll try and close it up with a zip tie. I agree with solvent to clear the oil before applying a protectant, but of course I don't want to flush internal protection. A solvent will tend to wick between the plates, where my paint or LPS may not.


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      You can also heat it to about 60 or 70ÂșC in a hoven and dip it all in varnish to let it soak a little. Any non water based varnish will do.
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        Originally posted by J Tiers View Post
        "E" and "I" shaped laminations form a complete enclosure. They are alternated with the E alternately ponting up and down.
        The better ones have the E's alternating up and down. The cheap ones have all the E's formed to one side. Those are best for scroungers because you can knock the stack of I segments loose with a few well-placed hammer blows and then just slide off the copper windings.

        If you have a transformer that buzzes you can try dripping cyanoacrylate glue over the laminations. I have a welder that buzzes more than I like and the next time it's cover is off I'm going to waste a bottle of superglue on it to try to quiet it down.



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          Spray it with conformal coating if you are worried about it.