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Way OT: Eagle nest Cam

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  • Way OT: Eagle nest Cam

    Thought some of you guys might enjoy this, it is a eagle nest cam

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    Very cool. It is "real time" too, not just snipits. My 6yo boy is gonna love it. Thanks, JRouche
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      That site is sponsored by millionaire Arthur Griffiths, former owner of the Vancouver Canucks hockey team. They first put it up for researchers only and then decided to make it generally available. They didn't count on how popular it would become and were clobbered by over a million hits a day. It's now up to as high as 10 million hits per day. The first nest was a failure for the eagles as the eggs didn't hatch. The second nest is on Vancouver Island in the Victoria area.
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        Sweet! There's an eagle in it right now!

        And it's streaming really fast for a web cam.
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          One day last week when we got home there was an eagle cruising around over our house. There is also a big crow nesting somewhere in the vicinity. Eagles this time of year just love nothing better than eating baby chicks of other birds.

          Mrs. Crow took extreme exception to Mr. Eagle and took off, pumping air like crazy to get to his altitude. She then began harrassing the living sh*t out of the eagle. Eagles are big and fairly clumsy fliers although they are good at soaring. Crows are aerial acrobats and really strong fliers. They dash in and out before the eagle can turn around and get a hold of them. After about five minutes the eagle gave up and drifted down the valley.

          On a previous occasion we saw the same thing except this time the eagle was a yearling juvenile. After a couple of minutes of being harrassed by the crow he let out a screeeech and within 60 seconds mom and pop came storming in from different directions. The crow beat a hasty retreat.
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