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your uses for old band saw blade material

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  • your uses for old band saw blade material


    I recently had to trash a 64 x 1/2 inch saw blade and also a blade for the benchtop wood saw. I hate to throw the material away if there is some decent use for it. Too thin to anneal-and-harden into a scraper or knife blade. Any thoughts?


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    One tip from one of the Machinsit's Bedside Reader books was that you may be able to melt blade material and just weld it directly to the end of pieces of steel to get HSS tipped stuff from which to grind tools. In effect, you use it as welding rod with an oxy-acetylene torch. The reference was to hacksaw blades and made the point that it only works with HSS blades and *not* the bi-metal blades which are a hard tooth section welded to a softer back.

    I don't know where your bandsaw blade stock falls in the hardness scale in order to know if this is applicable or not. The premise was that the HSS stuff would melt when used as a sort of welding rod and because of its metallurgy, remains hard in spite of being heated to the melting point.

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      Can't think of a use for 1/2" wide blade but I've used 1" wide blade brazed to a disk to make special hole saws.
      I have two here at 4" and 6" to take dust extraction pipes thru floorboards.


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        You have probably seen a bowsaw..use all your old bandsaw blades ,anneal the ends,drill small holes in each end for pins and that's how you recycle old bandsaw blades. Look up bowsaws, if you're not familiar with such a simple design just Google it on woodworking sites. Those saws last longer because there is not a SFPM limitation to worry about. You make the frame out of wood on your own property. Old days they were longer and called Panel saws.


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          I've made deburr tools and scrapers out of them.


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            I never reuse stuff, but..

            I never throw anything out.

            You can laminate a few short pieces of the blade together and make a "rasp", mount it in a wood handle for nice, or duct tape the ends for "get-r-done." Loop them like a currycomb and scrap paint.

            I made hole saws, but just used a circle groove in a board to "loop" the blade, blades for different types of frame saws, and small knife blades (X-acto like).

            Grind the teeth off and use a short piece as a spring, capture the ends, bow the middle (like leaf springs). Grind the teeth off, fix to wooden shelf face, paint, and then you have "magnetic wood". Grind the teeth off, and use it as "shim stock".
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              I like using left over short pieces of .035" bi-metal coil stock to make hack saw blades. Blades made with 14 tpi stock are agressive as hell, you can even cut wood reasonably well with them, and they last a long time.


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                What's wrong with re-soldering them for re-use in the bandsaw? Are they worn out, or full of cracks- I have used them for hacksaw blades as well, but by the time I can't re-use them on the bandsaw, they're pretty much toast. This is for two reasons, one the teeth are worn past the point where it cuts decently, and two, there are multiple cracks forming in the blade and it will break again shortly when used. Either way, chuck 'em out. The wider ones, and especially the hss blades, are useful as scrapers, form tools, deburring tools, etc. I've even had some success using pieces for cutoff tools, as long as I don't have to go very deep. The wider blade is also thicker, so it has more strength to it to start with, and can be successfully used in these other applications.
                I don't like to toss things either, but those 1/2 in blades I can't find much use for.
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                  I have used a 1 inch blade ground to make a snap ring groove cutter. Was high speed steel, worked great. I realize it was a power hacksaw blade not bandsaw, but recycled some scrap to good use. Odd size holesaw seems like a good tip. JIM


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                    I made a paper despensing rack (auto painting) and used sections of a band saw blade as the cutters.


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                      I have made thin lathe cutoff blades out of some 1/2 X .025.
                      I have two 3 inch (x 36" ) wide hacksaw blades that my father-in-law
                      used to make straight edges out of them. This is from back in the days when they used power hacksaws. He was a tool and die man and ground the teeth off to make edges for checking his dies. He said the width made them less suseptable to bending...appartenly, some of the dies were magnetised ?
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                        A variant on Ken's idea is to use 12" lengths, annealed on the ends with holes drilled for fastening to a piece of ply. With suitable placement in the middle of the board and a side block on the side parallel to the blade it makes a handy sandpaper tearing or cutting set up to cut half or quarter size pieces out of 8x11 sheets, or roll cutting knives for rolls of paper on a variant set up.


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                          Uses for old Band saw blades

                          Good sections screwed down on plugs of wood make pretty decent hole cutters.

                          You can make a curry comb for horses.

                          You can make fish scalers.

                          Grind the teeth off and make banding material.


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                            Parallel spreaders for use in milling machine vise.
                            mark costello-Low speed steel


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                              I read somewhere that you can use them to cut old files if you need to. Something about how the teeth are gone, and it "friction cuts it's way through." It was in a bookstore the other day, I can't remember what book it was in.
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