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    I have a question concerning the drawing for the Finger Engine in the May/June HSM. Item 7 shows Lever length, thickness, hole placement and end width dimensions ...but... I cannot figure out what the major width dimension would be at it's widest point with the given information (i.e. 1/2" on one end and 3/8" on the other).

    Am I not seeing this measurement, or is it assumed that you make it any width you chose, as long as it clears the base?



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    Your not missing anything there isn't a measurement given for the widest part in the other set of drawings for the same engine that was i n the NAMES program as the project for 2005 no measurement but if I remember it's an 1" wide at the center of the pivot screw. The only real crital distance of the project is the connecting rod end to base so it clears as the engine gets to spinning.
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      I don't see any dimension either. The drawing is about 1/2 size, and measuring it gives about 7/16", so 7/8" or 3/4" will work OK.

      The dimensions ae not critical as long as the hole spacing is per drawing and everything clears it will work.
      Jim H.


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        3/4" it's simple to figure out,But as said it is not a critical dimention.


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          Glen, Jim and IOWOLF...thanks for your input.



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            I just joined. I have a metal lathe but just learning how to use it. I got it mostly to supplement my other shop activities but find it fun to use. I found the article on the Finger Engine and subsequently, through trying to find ""several NAMES vendors",as quoted in the article, found this forum. I had no luck finding vendors of the flywheel.

            Does anyone know whos sells that flywheel?




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              Try Myers Model Engine Works at [email protected]

              Or Martin Model & Pattern at

              You will have to order by the OD of the flywheel. They both have cast, spoked flywheels for sale.

              Clarence Myers is at the Thresher's reunion in Wauseon OH, this weekend, and you might not connect with him this weekend. I'm headed there now.

              I edited to correct Clarence Myers contact information, it is an e-mail address.
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              Jim H.


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                Fly Wheels

                Pm Research sells flywheel casting there web site is
                I think you will find several options in aluminum or bronze/brass
                you may also want to browse the site for other neat things. They sell steam engine casting kits as well as casting kits for model machiery. They exhibt at cabin fever. I have met and talked with these folks as well as purchased there product. Normal disclaimers just a happy customer.
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                  Guys, I believe the URL for Myers is actually: . Take care. Vic Smagovic


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                    sorry duplicate again


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                      Finger Engine

                      I needed a break from the project I was working on, and this seemed like the right one. It is a simple enough project that my wife wants to build one, but quite satisfying and fun to play with. As with any project, I had to embellish a little.


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                        Nice,very nice.


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                          Hey now; what do you mean with{SUCH} finishes like that???? Tryin' to make Evan work harder? Fine work!


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                            I take that back; noticed some tooling marks!


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                              Delayed response

                              Wow, after I posted the request, a butterfly flew in the shop and I never got back to the Engine. I actually started my engine recently and hope to submit a photo but it sure will not look as nice as Sprockets. It is my first serious (for me ) lathe project. Rounding up the 1/2" aluminum was my stumbling block but I was in the steel yard a couple months ago and found some so I guess that was the catalyst needed.

                              I have not ordered a flywheel but thought I would try one from mild steel. That lead to making a circle cutter for the torch...

                              I did not put lightening holes in mine and the outside is not the suggested 1/2" is 3/8"...the web is 1/8" with a hub about 1 " and the OD is 3 1/2". the shaft is standard so I can replace it with a cast iron wheel in the future.

                              If this works (even meagerly OK), I will likely make some more for gifts and lathe,layout,milling practice. I will check out the links more thoroughly then.

                              Thanks for the responses and sorry for not jumping on it. I did not have the auto notification set up but do now.


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