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So much for NAFTA...

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  • So much for NAFTA...

    I'm in Canada and placed an order with McMaster-Carr on their website the other day for a bunch of different types of screws and standoffs. Sure enough I get an email in a couple of hours saying that they aren't shipping to Canada anymore due to the complexity of export regulations. They did say they are making an exception for a few long standing customers, but I guess $500 of orders in the past few months isn't enough.

    What the hell? And right when the Canadian dollar is almost trading at par again for the first time in 30 years.

    Oh a more practical note... Any of you Canadians have some suggestions for a good fastener/small parts outfit? I really liked that McMaster-Carr had the 4-40 1.125inch pan head socket cap screw that I needed and the odd sizes of standoffs.

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    KBC has 4-40 socket head screws but they only go up to 1".
    Page 750 in the big book.
    The Vancouver office seems pretty good about bringing stuff long as they remember your order
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      Some of my fellow bot builders up there in the Great White North are having the same problem. Here is a link to the Robot Fighting League's forum and the discussion about the same problem.
      No matter where you go, there you are!

      Hal C.


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        Well, I just got a box of 4-40 x 3/8 flat head countersunk socket head capscrews from my wife... She has to special order them from somewhere.
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          I placed an order a few weeks ago from Small Parts Inc. in Florida. I wait and wait for the parts and it takes several phone calls to get throught to track my order. They say that the order is picked and in a box ready to ship. I ask, "Well why don't you ship it then?" Yeah, she says there is some hassle with Canadian Customs so no shipments to Canada until further notice. I tell her sarcastically thanks for letting me know, and to cancel the order. She sounds all shocked and asked why I want to cancel the order. I say, "Well if you aren't going to ever ship it, then wouldn't it make sense to cancel the order and put the screws back on the shelf?" She says, now get this, this is the big punchline, "We can can keep the order here, and if by chance someday if we ever start shipping to Canada again we can release the order then."

          I was looking at an Ebay auction the other day and seller was American and was charging $4 shipping stateside. I email him and ask how much to USPS to Canada. He says $50 becuase he has to fill out that little green Customs sticker.

          So much for NAFTA



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            Allen, at least the guy would ship to Canada. I've been trying to buy a top slide from something like an SB9 for the endmill sharpener I'm putting together.
            Found half a dozen down in the US but the sellers wouldn't ship up here.
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              does any one no were there is a good place to get acme lead screws in canada


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                does any one no were there is a good place to get acme lead screws in canada
                Nope. There do not seem to be any suppliers or manufacturers of such in Canada, I looked and so did my wife. They come from the US. My wife spoke directly to one of her Canadian suppliers that manufactures the specialized machines she sells and they cannot source lead screw stock from Canada.
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                  I looked at the Robot Fighting Leagues message board and noticed the suggestion to try Looks good so far, although they gave me a heart attack when I had finished my order, with only one item I couldn't find, a 3/4 long 2-56 button head socket cap screw... Looks like for international orders you still have to call them specially, as the web order thing only had an option for US shipments! Aaarrgee...

                  Oh well, I'll give them a call tomorrow, Wish me luck...

                  Peter - (who is moving to Europe, the land of metric and the supposedly border free European economic zone, if bull**** this keeps up)


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                    Don't think it's anything to do with the NA / Canadian thing, I think it's more to do with just the Canadian customs.

                    My daughter sells jewellery on Ebay, not expensive stuff , more costume jewellery.
                    Every time she sends to Canada she has to disguise the declaration because if she puts jewellery on it then it goes missing, no exceptions.

                    I have had parcels marked machine spares ripped open, checked and then delivered with some of the bits missing.

                    It's quite a problem getting parcels to Canada from the UK.

                    I blame the French


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                      The problem with Quebec is that they forget the issue was settled on The Plains of Abraham in 1759.

                      For the original poster of this thread. Not sure where you are located but an outfit in London, Ontario called Facca Fastners has always been good about getting odd stuff for me. Small quantities were never a problem either.

                      Mr. Hemi.


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                        This is just another example of how Canada is regulating itself to death.
                        I read an article a couple of years ago about setting up a business.
                        They had the difficulty of startup on a number scale.
                        The "easiest" place in Canada for business startup was 8 points(a lot on their scale) harder than the "hardest" US state.
                        I have tools I don't even know I own...


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                          The real problems with Canadian customs began some years ago when the operation was contracted out. Customs parcel clearing and inspection is no longer performed by customs agents but by private contractors. I have had problems too. The situation with the US border is only getting worse in part to changes in US regulations stemming from supposed "security enhancements".

                          Because of the anthrax debacle any sort of food items require a pre-shipment notification and clearance from US customs. When the new US regulations requiring passports and/or biometric identity cards for anyone crossing the border kick in it is going to completely screw commercial truck traffic both directions as well as tourist travel and casual cross border shopping. You can look to Canada-US trade to drop off substantially which will be more of a problem for the US than for Canada.

                          Canada has been rapidly developing other markets like China while the US is very dependent on Canada as its largest trading partner, both imports and exports. The changes in border crossing regulations will kill many US towns near the border that depend on Canadians casually crossing the border to do shopping. It will also have an impact on tourism in many places in Canada like BC but not as great as the impact to the US. The annual migration of Canadians to the warmer climates in the US during the winter is going to drop off significantly. Canadians are a huge source of revenue in Florida and Arizona during the winter months and you may expect some hard times in those markets.

                          I guess the upside is that the US Government will be able to say that they are safe from all those terrorist Canadians that were sneaking into the US. Do you feel safer?
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                            For much of my Fastener needs, I use
                            A really nice guy, I would be surprised if he does not ship to Canada.

                            Tom M.


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                              Evan, totally agree with you there. My dad's actually a natural resource economist with a forestry degree among other things. I remember him pointing out all the strange 10cm square logs on trips to BC... all them getting shipped straight to Japan.

                              Well I placed my order with mscdirect. As it turns out the online ordering system doesn't work if you are outside the US, so I had to fax it in. Stupid really. What's more is they decided to ship it to me in three different boxes! Turns out it comes from two different warehouses, the third box? A 2ft long segment of 10-32 threaded rod, for $0.98... oops.

                              Anyway hopefully I won't be charged a $50 customs inspection fee on each box seperately... All this for an order of only $175

                              Thanks for all the other suggestions of screw places! I think I'm gonna be shopping around some more...