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smithy vs grizzly

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  • smithy vs grizzly

    i've been on this web site a few times looking for help about purchasing a new milling machine (my first) and have gotten a lot of info from you out there thanks!!
    my final question and i need your vote to purchase a Smithy cx 329 or a Grizzly 3102. thanks again for all your comments.
    ken kuban

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    Apples to apples would be :

    cx 329 vs. G0519

    The 3102/3103 are pretty nice machines. Very nicely finished from what I have seen.

    The only complaint I hear much about on these is limited Z axis space. This can be overcome by fabricating a riser block for the column.

    These can be had cheaper too but the fit and finish doesnt seem to be quite as nice as the Grizzly units...

    Here is a bit of detail on the G3103 (same as G3102 but with powerfeed):


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      my two cents:

      I like smithy for thier customer service, but it looks to me like Grizzly is going to give you a better selection of straight milling machines. For not a whole lot more, looks like you can get a pretty decent machine out of that 3102 unit. If you were looking at three in one i'd say smithy hands down, but for a milling machine - well Grizzly doesn't look too bad. If it were me, and i could make another big purchase, it'd be a full size lathe over the milling machine. Don't know what you intent to do but the lathe is really handy for most general operations. That being said, if you need a milling machine - which i assume you really do - try to see if you can find one in your price range that has a square column. The idea of a swiveling head might seem like a good idea at first, but then you start messing with it and it slips just a hair. Say you feed something just a little too fast and it might hog in a little or push out a little - then you go to make another part and find that the head has swung left or right just a hair. Its pretty frusterating if you need to do accurate work. Luckily for me i almost never do anythingn accurately

      p.s. I tried sending you an email but had it returned to me; i sent it again just now hopefully you'll get it.


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        Have most of a G3103 torn down for rebuild, have received some good info here on some modifications/upgrades to include. It is a common machine from different importers, so there is plenty of "support" available. The Griz maybe has the best "fit and finish" and Griz has good customer service, but not always the lowest price. If you have any specific questions on the machine, I can dig in the "pile of parts" and try to answer them.
        Today I will gladly share my experience and advice, for there no sweeter words than "I told you so."