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  • Learning from Sir John and Others...

    I wanted to pass along a quick note on something I saw while drifting through Internet flotsam and jetsom. Check out this homemade (well, he is selling them, but you could make one) flex coupler: (Search down for "Flex Coupler")

    Now that looks easy if you have a slitting saw or perhaps a cutoff saw. The reason I am interested is not so much to save a couple bucks versus buying one (this guy's price is not bad either), but rather that I got an idea looking at Sir John's Stepper Driven Rotary Tables:

    I thought it was awfully cool the way that Oldham-style coupler got integrated into another part. Simpler, less slop, you just need to mill the male coupler piece into your part. Slick!

    I mention the earlier coupler because its another idea for how to easily integrate a coupler into a part where you need a little flex. For those of you manufacturing something or doing a one-off, maybe it simplifies your life.

    Now I know you'd probably want to use some kind of "springy" steel to make the thing--the couplers I've had to bore for different shaft sizes were hardened (and painful to bore until I dumped my Asian bar and used a Circle bar!). Any thoughts on a convenient steel to use for this sort of thing?


    Try G-Wizard Machinist's Calculator for free: