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    Originally posted by strokersix View Post

    I like this. I wonder if it may allow disassembly as well?
    At the time, the hardened plug was drilled out leaving a thin walled shell using a stellite tipped drill.


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      Not up on it but don’t they use a nitriding alloy, so I’d heard


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        Ian perhaps this is not completely on topic but I'm posting it here as I thought that it may be of interest. I ran into this one a few days ago.
        Another video from Pakistan showing the complete process of a 6 cylinder crankshaft repair using somewhat rudimentary techniques and tooling to achieve viable repair. Looking at the collection of cranks in his shop he must be busy enough to have some local credibility at least.
        The video goes into some good detail on pre-welding prep and methods of rough and final indexing of the crank throws and post weld straightening.
        Not a short 10 min. video but interesting never the less.

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          Looks like hes got most of one crankshaft and is welding on the end of another crankshaft. Superb ingenuety the whole way through, with minimal facilities. He uses a centre drill (shock! horror!) and an old fashioned solid centre, not a revolving one. 4 way toolpost and what looks like brazed tip tooling. I loved the bit where hes using inside and outside spring callipers together. Nothing in that shop that couldn't be repaired on the spot if it went wrong. That guy is a craftsman. All done with a cigarette on the go the whole time.
          Wonder how long his repaired crankshafts last?
          Wonder if those guys are making $25,000 a month from their videos?
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