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towing eye thread for Ram City Van

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  • towing eye thread for Ram City Van

    A friend has a Ram City Van (think: mini van in work clothes) that did not come with a towing eye. This is the long eye bolt that screws into the bumper through a hole in the plastic trim. It seems that many/most new vehicles have this setup, but I always assumed that they came with the eye. My Nissan Leafs and Chevy Bolts both did. but the Ram didn't. I thought I'd make one for him, but have been unable to find what thread is used. It does appear that one can be bought for anywhere from $7.50 to $30.00+, but what's the fun in that?

    Does anyone know what the thread is?

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    Looks like it should be in with the jack. Did you look there?


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      Yes, he looked there and there was no eye. He actually used the eye from his Porsche 911 to pull it out of the soft spot where he had parked, but the thread wasn't quite right. He said it screwed in about 3 turns and it did work, but... I measured that eyebolt and found it to have a strange thread: about .768 diameter and exactly 8 TPI. That didn't seem to match up with either American or Metric threads.


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        My Fiat 124 uses a 20 x 2.5mm thread. A Ram van is another Fiat product and probably uses the same. Although 8 tpi is a lot closer to 3mm.



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          Thanks for the info. You're right about the Ram being a Fiat product, so it's probably the same. I'll give it a try.



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            My Vauxhall Corsa (Opel) has a 16mm x 3 thread, LEFT HAND. Could be 5/8 x 8, though.
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              My Chevy Bolt has a LH thread also. I had to have it towed this past Spring when a 3" step in the concrete highway (a sunken patch) took out both RH tires. The tow truck guy was having a heckua time getting the thing to screw into the bumper until he finally realized that it was a LH thread.

              I tried making that 20 X 2.5 thread, but it didn't work. Of course, my LeBlond doesn't do metric, so I make it 10TPI, figuring it would be close enough, but wasn't paying close enough attention to something and messed it up. Also, was using some SS that didn't machine all that well, especially on the outside. That's OK, as the eye is available for cheap, so I'll let my friend buy it.


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                jdunmeyer: What size hole will you be using? Just use that size thread in fine thread.



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                  I don't understand your question. These towing eyes are just a large eyebolt, with a male thread on the end. The plastic bumper cover has a cap that snaps out, with a female thread in the actual bumper behind. My threading attempt was sorta half-hearted, I had a hunk of SS rod that was already turned down to about .020 under what I really wanted, but I went ahead anyway. My thread didn't work out, so I didn't bother drilling & tapping the other end for an 'in stock' forged eyebolt. As I said, the thing can be purchased for cheap, so I told my friend to do just that. It's actually a company vehicle, so he can probably even get reimbursed for it.


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                    Ram City Van
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