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  • OT - DSL Internet Service Prob'm

    Anyone have any thoughts as to what might (likely) cause my internet access to stop?

    I switched my home access from dialup to's DSL service 2 or 3 months ago and all had been working ok til the last day or so. Now I have no connection, tho the phone line is still working.

    Called Bellsouth last nite and was talked thru an extensive rigamarole of disconnecting/reconnecting cables, phones, etc., and providing them with the status of the lights on the DSL modem. During that time they were running diagnostics on the lines. They proclaimed that all was in good order and the problem had to be on my end.

    I've made no changes to any of my equipment anytime recently. And at one time last nite I had all phones disconnected.... still no joy.

    I know this would be hard to diagnose from afar, but since I'm totally ignorant as to how DSL works, I just thought maybe there's some magic that everyone knows but me.)

    (I'm posting this from a different terminal btw you might've guessed )
    Lynn (Huntsville, AL)

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    DiD you pay your bill?


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      I've got Bellsouth DSL and it can be kinda weird sometimes....I've developed a few strange little procedures to kick it back up,--- You know, pat the gas 3 times, turn the key on for 10 sec before starting, etc. What I would try in your case, --and I have had to a couple times-- is uninstall the sofware and reinstall it.

      Overall, I like the service though....
      If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something........


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        It may be the modem/router (if you're connecting through one) that has the problem.
        I have a Linksys router and it drops the connection more times in a night than Errol Flynn dropped his pants.



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          Did they ping your computer? Was there a response from the ping?

          Is your computer communicating with your modem indicated by the proper lamp on the modem illuminating.

          If connectivity is good check you network settings in the control panel.

          DSL tech prolly had you check all these things and the usual suspected items.

          If all checks out I would go buy a new modem and check it. If it works after the new modem cool, if not return the new modem and recall tech support and have new troubleshooter examine the issue. See if they will come measure your signal to the house. JRouche
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            Dang, I just hate to hear this! I am scheduled to switch over to SBC DSL day after tomorrow. And after years of near flawless (if slow) dialup. Sigh...
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              I went through a period of DSL problems a while ago. It seems to have gotten better again, for no known reason.

              While it was acting up, I had to do the power down computer, power down router, power down DSL modem, wait 1 minute, power up modem, wait until it stabiizes, power up router, wait until it stabilizes, power up computer routine quite a few times.

              Eventually I tried just powering down the router, then the modem, waiting, then powering them up again (leaving the computer alone) and that also seemed to work.

              This is with Verizon DSL, for what that's worth.
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                I have Bellsouth DSL and it is occasionally flaky, most of the time it is fine but now and then it disc at random. You should be aware that the modem is fairly sensitive to lightning hits, not direct, but remote, conducted transients through the tel line that the phones robustly ignore, blow the modem. I have lost 3 over the past five yrs to this. The DSL connect lite (right most on mine) goes out and the telco can usually dx this remotely. Oh, as to the 'reinstall software' suggestion, there is no software. If the modem works, the browser hooks up to the homepage after the handshake routine (automatic on most setups) and no software is involved. Bellsouth has a CDROM and some remote diagnostic software but none of that is needed to make a connex. The connex routine is built into the modem/windows interface. Because of the lightning problem I disconnect the modem from the telco line when I am not using the computer and if a wham bang thunderstorm starts up I also disconnect and use the cable machine. It is fiberoptic mostly so relatively impervious in my experience (same modem for past five yrs). I am on my 4th DSL modem. Last summer I had all kinds of problems connecting, getting flung off 6-8-10x/hour. Trouble shooters came out, changed the modem, no better. So they rewired the basement and direct connected the modem to the outside tel line, no better. Finally they changed the port the modem is connected to at the office. Slightly better. Final change was something done in software through Atlanta. That seemed to do the trick, though I still get occasional disconnex at random. DSL for the first 2yrs was amazing, never a problem, always there, then lightning blew the modem and it has been variable experience since. Generally it is reliable enough that I am surprised when something goes wrong.

                The repair service has deteriorated, phone calls and response to the first modem blowup was fast and responsive, fixed in 2-3d (my schedule mostly).
                Now everybody has a the same checklist they go through every time, no deviation and no imagination or experience seemingly involved. It seems a facade. Once they are finally convinced the problem is not at their end or in the line a repair person is dispatched in a reasonable amount of time, 2-4d in my experience. It is prudent to trouble shoot your house, make sure all the jacks work and have their filters attached. Try disconnecting all the phones in the house from the line (from the filters actually) especially wireless phones
                and see if that makes any difference. If it does reconnect one at time to eliminate the culprit.
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                  I'm now kinda suspecting the modem. I found some diagnostic features in the self-help trouble shooter pkg the installation put on my computer. And that is showing I don't have a connection or modem.

                  We've been having thunderstorms in the area, but no heavy hits real close.

                  Over the years I've lost several dialup modems to lightning. Try to always be disconnected when Tstms are around or a threat. But that's nearly full time here in the SE US from spring thru summer.

                  Are these dsl modems any more/less sensitive to lightning than the old dialups?
                  Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


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                    Although your issue seems to really be at your end in the OS connection, there are other issues too that cause troubles.

                    I use dialup. Some days, I can stay connected with no trouble. Other days, I get disconnected every 30 sec for no obvious reason. Not an ISP no-activity disconnect, it happens right in the middle of downloads, etc.

                    I did have a lot of trouble a year or so back, and it was crummy phone connections out on the pole.

                    Remember, DSL AND even a regular 56K modem is actually using the phone line in a way NOT anticipated when it was put in. The fact that it works at all reliably is amazing.

                    ANY disturbances may interrupt enough message packets to trigger a "fault" disconnect.

                    And, crosstalk, etc can put quite a lot of signal on the line. I have had the experience of suddenly having another conversation loudly audible, and then having it as suddenly disappear. Other times it was either a modem or a fax, lots of "beedeley-beedeley" noises, etc.

                    That sort of thing can confuse the connection equipment and cause it to drop connection.

                    Keep eye on ball.
                    Hashim Khan


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                      Are these dsl modems any more/less sensitive to lightning than the old dialups?
                      That is a really good question that I haven't considered before. I suspect that they are. A regular modem uses audio frequencies only, no higher than 3400hz. It is very easy to filter out any faster rise time waveforms that show up on the line. DSL uses much higher frequencies, up to about 1 mhz depending on the flavour of DSL. This means that the incoming signal cannot be filtered with an audio low pass network which would have the effect of cutting off sharp transients caused by lightning.
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                        My ISP connection is optically isolated JRouche
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                          Well... turns out BellSouth's lines were not as clean as they thought.
                          The technician came out a little while ago, and found that I didn't have a signal out at the box where it enters the house.
                          He left for a while to check out some junction or switching box somewhere upstream, then came back and said he found a bad card there.

                          ...sure enough, I'm back in business now. Life is good.

                          One comforting comment he made tho, their modems are warrented, so if it goes out they replace it free.
                          And if the replacement arrives as fast as the original pkg did after I ordered the service, I'll have no complaints at all. That had arrived almost as soon as I hung up the phone. ...well real quick anyway. (less than 48hrs)
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                          Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


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                            I'm on cable modem and have had good success for the few months that I have used it.

                            The only problem that I experienced was my firewall. I have to have my modem turn on when I fire up the computer. If I forget, I have to turn off zone alarm and then turn it back on.

                            This has been the only culprit that I have had.

                            My daughter has SBC/DSL and she has had good success with it. She lives in Marshall, TX.