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Semi-OT - slow blow 5x20 glass fuses with a bead instead of a wire

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    I also realize that China can and does build good quality stuff, depending on what the customer wants and is willing to pay for. I'm old enough to remember "Japanese junk", especially when it came to tools. It crossed my mind that they MUST be able to build good tools, because the crap we were seeing would be as unusable to them as it was to us. That was true, of course, and those "crappy little Japanese cars" showed the Americans how it should be done. A good friend, who worked at GM looked at another friend's new Honda Accord (back in the 1980s) and commented "we don't stand a chance".


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      Originally posted by jdunmyer View Post
      .................................................. ............ A good friend, who worked at GM looked at another friend's new Honda Accord (back in the 1980s) and commented "we don't stand a chance".
      They DID stand a very GOOD chance , though.. Except the bean counters would not go for it.

      In the 1960's, those cars had random tags of metal hanging off under them, etc. Then they accepted real quality control, which the US companies thought would just cost too much money.

      If they HAD taken it seriously, then US cars would have been every bit as good as any Japanese car became. But they did not. Not until later, and then the horses were out of the barn already.

      It was said, but some commie long ago, I forget which one, that "the capitalists will sell us the means of their own destruction". Well, we did that.
      CNC machines only go through the motions.

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        I have seen extraordinarily bits of Chinese engineering, an example, a goniometer for a spectrometer, beautifully machined, precise however one made in Switzerland cost the same, depends where you go, the factories dont usually supply outside China there’s enough sales internally, companies like sandvick, rolls Royce and such all manufacture in China, the problem I have is the requirement for a “party” representative in every factory and overriding access to the companies intellectual property by the CParty ( btw there’s a downside to cheap pcbs) I think the CP is abhorrent, my opinion at least
        During my last 10 years in steel making the Chinese were increasing capacity at 5MT per annum year on year, they offered me a bloody job, firms like Davey distington, VAI and many more, one steel plant including rolling mills a year, all with the most advanced kit, not to be trifled with a country with unlimited rescources ( financial) underestimate China at your peril, it may be noted the earliest batch manufacture in the world was in China ( belt buckles in bronze)
        largest homogeneous casting in bronze ( a chest) several tons requiring 10 or more furnaces to complete China over 1000 years ago so they can do it even if I’m not a fan of Chinese behaviour you must respect them
        on a different vein they are now building labs like WHan ( built by the french, signed for by barnier and macron) at an ever increasing rate, have more high speed rail than any one else but lack aero engine capacity, they will crack that nut also, in time, they worry me personally