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    Anyone got a 612 Harig lurking around their shop?

    We are having the spindle rebuilt on one, and the shop doing the work would like to have an assembly drawing for a reference. Anyone got a manual for one?

    Manual machine BTW.


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    I'd kinda start sweating if the rebuild shop asked for a drawing! Hope it's not too late.....
    mark costello-Low speed steel


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      Do an internet search and call Harig for one, their still around.
      I'd give you the contact info, but it's all at work.
      I just called them a few months ago for a wiring schematic on my 612 auto step that went up in smoke from a melted transformer.
      Spoke to a very knowledgeable person in the parts dept and recieved a complete wiring schematic about a week later at zero cost.

      Try that with something made in China 30 years ago !!

      Cheers, YOOO VINNY


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        I gave Harig a call yesterday.
        When we were discussing sending the spindle out, I mentioned to management that you normally swap the spindles out instead of rebuilding. They decided to rebuild instead.
        I really believe the guy doing the rebuild knows what he's doing; but he found something out of place. He said apparently someone opened the spindle up for some reason, and didn't get it back together correctly.

        Harig quoted us an exchange spindle, could have it next day with new motor and 2 year warranty for about the same price as a rebuild.

        Harig will even completely rebuild your grinder and paint any color you want!