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    I am looking for vintage or new tools for a 5/8" diameter tool shank turret on a 9" South Bend lathe. I have found many tools for 3/4" or bigger at MSC, Enco, Penn ect., but not 5/8". Thanks for your input!

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    Hi tooljedi!

    Most of the tools for my 9"SB came from used machinery dealers in the area or from Ebay. Things like knee tools, box tools, and floating reamer holders. Hollow mills and geometric die heads seem to be much more common in 3/4"dia. It turned out that the 3/4 dia. was not a problem because the turret attachment I found had been fitted to another lathe and had some wear. It was out about .002. In talking to a machine rebuilder, we disscussed options. Instead of Moglice or other build-up materials, it turns out the best thing to do was fit the bed to the ways by scraping, re-scrape the slide and then bore the 6 holes in the turret to 3/4. This was easy to do with a boring head in the lathe spindle. As per his advice, I left the holes a few thousands under size and finished with a floating reamer. This way, each hole lines up very well, 3/4 tooling fits, and 5/8 can be used with a simple bushing. Turrett lathes are going for scrap prices now, but for some reason, dealers still want large prices for tooling. Hardinge made some very nice stuff, as did Buyer Schutz.
    Good luck and may the force be with you!


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      5/8 shank tools are very common. 5/8" is the standard of the industry for small automatics and CNC's. Prices may surprise you, good quality tooling is expensive.

      Check ebay, search under "hardinge", you'll find dozens of them.

      If you're near an area with manufacturing check the local yellow pages under "screw machine products". Chances are you'll find some shops with older Brown & Sharpe screw machines. Those shops usually have extra tooling they may be willing to sell.

      For a light duty machine like the SB stay away from knee tools and others that rely on the rigidity of the turret for accurate work. Drill, reamer & tap holders, box turners, opposed knurlers, dieheads are some tooling that work well in light duty turrets.



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        Thanks. This was a big help! Let me know if I can be of help in the future.