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  • FYI Grizzly 10x22

    On Facebook central Iowa , looks to have a lot inclued for the $1800 price.
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    Disclaimer: I am a real basic, beginner garage shop guy who bought a 10x22 lathe new, 3 years ago.

    I looked at the Grizzly 10x22 lathe and it was a good looking machine with many good reviews if those can be trusted...who knows. But, there are some video reviews that seem legit, and so my shopping came down to just the Grizzly and a couple other importers.

    I settled on the PM 10x22 because it offered variable speed control, powered cross feed, and offered a QCTP and a few tool holders at roughly the same price point as the others. There was also the generally very good feedback on their customer service.

    I would not hesitate to buy a Grizzly machine, if it were similarly equipped, but have really have lost touch with the market prices on used machines. Certainly tooling can be as much as the machine itself and carries a lot of value for money.

    I guess all I am trying to say is the asking price should be aligned with the machine's basic features within its class of machines.

    If it is in good shape, and includes much tooling, $1800 doesn't sound like a bad deal at all. My little PM is going for close to $2800 new without much tooling.

    If you are looking to buy, good luck hope it is a good machine. Always exciting to acquire a new machine!!
    S E Michigan