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Trying to replace bearings in a hub

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    You can also just heat the stuck race to red heat with an O/A torch as Doozer described without removing the other race and individual balls or rollers. That usually works just fine. And I might give that part a quick check to make sure you didn't damage anything with the press. It looks stout enough that you're probably fine though.


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      Originally posted by Doozer View Post
      My arm hurts.
      I been patting my self on the back a lot lately.

      Careful Doozer,that can bite sometimes lol!

      A few years back was Sledding in the Mountains and our Group was trying for over a hour to conquer a very steep vertical wall.Right when I was confident that was going make it over my buddy slingshoted me and made it over.I followed him up and found him up against a Tree Stuck,he said he lost control control going over the top riding with one arm and patting himself on the back with the other,we all got a good laugh out of it.


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        man, wish I'd seen this yesterday, could have told you to push the spacer to one side - that's how the bearings in the freehub on my bike are arranged.


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          Its like they say experience is something you don't need after you acquire it!!


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            that's very true