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    Sounds like tongue in cheek sarcasm to me. I doubt he’s being serious


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      Lugnut: Bicycle chain is a little different from industrial chain. Not sure but I think that not even all bike chain is the same. Don't mix bike chain and industrial chain. Also, if you are thinking about making your own sprockets, be aware that the geometry in the bottom of the gullet of the sprocket is not just a radius, but a couple of radii. Good luck.


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        Well Sarge41 I appreciate your concern , but the deal is done, and what ever I done seam to work just fine. I bought some bicycle chain, measured it and made my sprockets to fit my chain and they work just fine. My project will only be used at maybe10 RPM. if it was a 12 or15 hundred RPM deal I would maybe be more concerned with geometry, but what I done is working just fine,(well maybe not to Black Forests specs, but it works great for. me .

        I would rather have tools that I never use, than not have a tool I need.
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