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No Lathe Steady Rest? Use Discarded Ring Gear

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    Originally posted by true temper View Post
    I still can’t believe you could drill and tap a ring gear..... learned something new.
    You must have missed the part where the OP said "You do need to throw it into the woodstove for a
    couple of days before attempting to machine it."


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      Masterful bit of re-purposing!

      And yeah, at first glance I was wondering about dealing with the lack of a hinge. But then I looked at the size of the machine. Hand feeding a shaft through the hole for your size lathe wouldn't be a big deal at all. Even on my 12x36 I'd have to be pretty close to maxed out in all dimensions before the shaft would be so heavy that I'd HAVE to use the hinge.
      Chilliwack BC, Canada


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        Very resourceful WBC, but just one question, I'm sure you had a reason, but why did you turn the teeth to the chuck instead of toward the rear.



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          sarge41: Didn't think about orientation, actually. But chose to weld the mounting plate box section to the gear side for more weld area.
          The ring can be flipped around on the V-base.