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  • Help identifying these tools

    Does anybody know what these are. What they are for? My late brother was a 747 mechanic if that's any help.
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    The one with the red handles is a cable crimper, for F connectors on coax. I think one of those is also a stripper for coax.


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      The crimping pliers with the red handles look very similar to one of my pairs which can be used with three different sizes of coaxial cable, and for different types of coaxial connectors, not only F-type. I have used it for PL259s, N-types and BNCs.
      The thing with a ring half-way down the right-hand side of the pic is, as Jerry says, an insulation stripper for co-axial cable.
      The three pairs of pliers with blue handles could be either strippers or crimpers—I'm not familiar with them.
      The other things are obviously just containers for whatever they hold. A couple of them could possibly hold wiring terminals, but the photograph is too dim, blurred, and strangely blue to tell.
      As for the thing with round red handle, that looks a bit like a screwdriver from an alternative universe—pass!


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        I think that's a deburring tool Mike. For tubing.


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          Originally posted by Jerrythepilot View Post
          I think that's a deburring tool Mike. For tubing.
          Yes, that's it. Not sure what tool it has in it at the moment, there are a couple dozen different types available, if not more..
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            Strippers and crimpers. The round holed ones look like ferrule crimpers. The red handled are for coax, as already mentioned.


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              Thanks you guys.
              If anybody wants them PM me and I'll get them to you.
              Free. Of course.


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                I have one of those blue handled DMC tools (part of an auction lot), they are for crimping eyelets and such onto wire ends. They are well made, precision, high dollar tools. At least some models have replaceable inserts to accommodate different wire/fitting sizes.

                If you google "DMC crimper" you'll see prices approaching four figures!
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