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  • Lapping Tool Info Needed

    I want to buy a set of inside lapping tools.I am confused on what kind to purchase. I don't anticipate going over 1/2". I see barrel laps and blind laps advertised. I know what each is intended for. Can I buy the blind laps and use them for through applications also? So far it seems that Travers has the lowest price. I also see that American Lap has quite an assortment, but no prices listed. School me on what I should be looking for, to get the most bang for the buck here.

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    If I need a specific size,
    I just order one and diamond paste
    from McMaster Carr.
    Next day and the job gets done.
    If you want an assortment,
    sometimes Boyar Shultz laps come up
    on ebay from time to time.



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      From someone who doesn't do *that* much lapping: Yes, you can use a blind lap on a through hole but the tool movement has to be a bit slower than with a through lap as the blind lap expands more at the end than in it's middle. I use Timesaver's lapping compound with my brass laps - they don't embed and break down in the process so I don't have to keep multiple barrels for the different grits. That being said, if I have a lot of one size of hole to do at a particular size I'll charge a barrel with a grit and go at it that way as it's a little bit faster and somewhat more predictable in removal rate.

      For really small holes I use midget laps (split wire laps), then copperhead laps. Somewhere above 3/8" I use brass expanding laps.


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        Unless we're in a production setting it's pretty common for HSM'ers to make their own to suit each need. Why pay for a set which has sizes you might never need?
        Chilliwack BC, Canada