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    Originally posted by BCRider View Post

    Dan, a local gunsmith buddy managed to re-finish a small part with cold blue products using a mix of water and oil. I've yet to find out anymore about this idea but apparently while not perfect he said it came out well enough to mask the repair the firearm needed. So perhaps there's a clue to work with if you just want the look without the hardness.
    Thanks for the idea. We have a blackfast system at work, and someguys are constantly cross contaminating the tanks, and I've unintentionally got poor results like that before. I didn't put 2 and 2 together about oil contamination until I read your post. The thought was in there, but the wires weren't hooked up right lol. Thanks.


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      Nicely done Doc, I especially like the tool holders and the bluing as applied gives it kind of an antique look. You may have stumbled onto a new look for home shop tooling. Anyway, nice job on the holders and very nice video. Thanks for posting it.



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        It's worth noting that the Omniturns generally have Hardinge taper-mount spindles. Meaning they're essentially intended for 5C work, but can take up to 4" chucks (any larger and they rub the accordion way cover) and of course the Hardinge "pot" chucks for the oversized collets.

        This video shows the operator using a 3" (I think) "extra depth" pot chuck and collet. I have a 2", in both standard and extra depth, though I don't have any collets to fit yet. That's for a hoped-for future product, and I'll finish tooling up when I finally get around to that one.

        Doc's Machine. (Probably not what you expect.)