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    Well, the sharpener is cheap and cheerful, it might even work well. I wonder if the emery wheel is for use with HSS saw blades?


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      The sharpener probably works, but works well would be a stretch. I've got the Chicago Electric chainsaw sharpener, and while I can get it to sharpen a saw chain, it's definitely not a high quality tool. There is basically no repeatability, and the grinding head can be flexed significantly (1/32" or more) in either direction when sharpening with very little pressure. I've seen a video of the circ saw sharpener in use and it's in the same category.


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        Those wheels look like they might work well to sharpen serrated knife blades.
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          They could have all sorts of uses if it wasn't for the 10mm arbor hole. I have similar wheels for my T&C grinder with standard 1-1/4" arbor hole.


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            Originally posted by old mart View Post
            ........................... I wonder if the emery wheel is for use with HSS saw blades?
            It would do that. "Emery" is (impure) aluminum oxide, which cuts HSS just fine.
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