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Sometimes I think it was more fun with less tools. !

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    Originally posted by garyhlucas View Post
    Sadly my tiny home shop is better equiped than the shop at my job. Trying to rectify that, looking for a new job.
    Mine is in many ways too. Mostly in the fab/welding dept. We build custom tooling at work, and I'll sometimes take stuff home to tig weld it there, as we've only got a mig at work. Back in the day we used to just sneak across the parking lot and jump in the welding booth at the big jobbing shop next door when we needed to tig something, but the new owner put a big clamp down on that. Can still sometimes get the after hours special, but it's just as easy to take it home. The hardest part is remembering to bring it back in with me in the morning lol.

    I've brought my plasma into work a few times to break down some larger sheets and steel for home projects. That's where the dual voltage comes in handy As I don't have 240v single phase at work. It's a lot easier getting steel delivered on the truck to work, and breaking it down there before taking home. Even though I have all the same tools at home, the work shop is just better layed out for handling full sticks of tubing/angle etc.