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Freebie 10mm WW and collets to a good home....

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  • Freebie 10mm WW and collets to a good home....

    Folks 'round these parts have been pretty generous to me over the years I've been on the board. In the same spirit of sharing I'd like to pass along my own offer of some freebies for gear I'll never use.

    10mm WW collets going to buffdan....
    Click image for larger version  Name:	WW Collets.jpg Views:	105 Size:	229.2 KB ID:	1989187

    Next up is a somewhat bulkier and heavier package. These bigger collets that I cannot find a name for are 4.25 inch long, 1.968 on the shank collar and the big end of the taper is 2.50. Thread is 1.96 across the crests with 13TPI as the thread pitch. So too small for 2" and too big for 1 15/16. That's collets for ya..... This set includes a chuck that is ready to mount to a backing plate, the closer arm and the hinging link that would need to be attached to some bracket or other off the head stock if mounted to a lathe. Collet sizes are 1/4 to 1 1/2 in 1/8 steps. They look like hell but the black markings are primarily old dried grease or oil although there is some slight patina on them too. No rust though. At worse there might have been some slight beginnings but oiling it at some point stopped it. They are in very good shape.

    Shipping on this will be a killer since there's easily 30 lbs or more all told. But if this is something that one of you might be able to use then all I want back is the real cost for the shipping.

    And to all of you that in the past have sent me along various useful tidbits I again thank you. It's a great community.
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    Darn. Wish they were 8mm, I could use them.. Very nice offer of you. JR


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      Neat little collets --- I think I learned something by looking at that top pic with the "dished" one's to the left... Good on you BCR


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        Same here. Generous offer I would have taken, but they won't fit my Levin. I went out to the garage to measure lol


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          Won't fit my Levin nor Boley, but thanks. '

          In fact, they probably won't fit much other than that size Derbyshire, as most are 8mm (Sherline, Levin, Lorch, Wolf-jahn are all listed as 8mm on the sherline chart.). I know some used 10 mm, but not sure who, nor what models.

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            I feel all your collected pain. The thrill when you saw the pic and the drop when you read the size....

            They came to me quite a few years ago along with the 8mm lathe below which has a partial set of 8mm stuff.

            Click image for larger version

Name:	P1040485.jpg
Views:	338
Size:	216.9 KB
ID:	1989202

            I've used this to make a few very small parts. It works superbly. But with only a partial set of collets it's of limited usefulness. So I made an arbor that screws into an old Jacobs 1BA chuck to act as a 3 jaw chuck. It runs more than true enough to hold short pieces of welding rod or smaller sizes of drill rod for making parts that are suitable to the size of the lathe. I supposed I should invest in one of the small 50mm 3 jaw chucks someday soon too.

            The fellow that gave me this lathe had another which was in far nicer shape. The chrome on this one is VERY spotty. It saw a lot of years of neglectful storage apparently before my buddy got it. As you can see I've also made a new tail stock shaft for it. it originally came with some manner of staking tool or a taper that take some particular watchmaker's tooling instead of a usable ram of any sort.
            Chilliwack BC, Canada


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              yep. my little Unimat is 8mm too.. but you are awesome for passing them along to whoever ends up ready to use them
              Tom C
              ... nice weather eh?


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                Just passing on the same sort of kindness I've gotten from others. They paid it forward and now it's my chance to do the same.

                Oh, I should mention that one of the collets looks like it has a sleeve on it. That's an MT2 adapter. One would still need to make the draw tube to suit. But it does open up some options.

                I'd like to see it go to someone that has a lathe that uses the size naturally. But the MT2 sleeve does open up some options.
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                Chilliwack BC, Canada


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                  oooh, I have a Levin lathe which uses 10MM collets.. I would love these! I assume they will fit properly
                  Extremely generous of you!
                  This will give me the push to get my Levin running.. Been a project waiting.
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                    Click image for larger version

Name:	image_21997.jpg
Views:	301
Size:	350.0 KB
ID:	1989220 same as the few I have 9.96mm shank size, 1MM thread, 15 degree taper
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                      Nice -- we have a match ! I guess things can be shipped anywhere so what's to stop --- I mean as long as you don't live in russia I guess...


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                        Buffdan, it appears that we have a winner. PM me your mailing address. It makes me happy that these will give someone enough of a set to justify getting their lathe up and running.
                        Chilliwack BC, Canada


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                          Originally posted by BCRider View Post
                          Buffdan, it appears that we have a winner. PM me your mailing address. It makes me happy that these will give someone enough of a set to justify getting their lathe up and running.
                          Fantastic, please let me pay the postage.
                          Thank You..
                          I have had my Levin for maybe 10 years, waiting to be set up.
                          This enthuses me


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                            It appears that Buffdan has a Levin that uses the "D" collet. Some Levin lathes are available with 3C or w"D" which is 10 mm. The standard is the WW or 8mm collet for the Drill press for example, however.

                            It's probably not quite correct to call the 10mm "WW" collets, but it's often done.

                            Levin collets are incredibly expensive.... and accurate. The smallest and largest are $1500 each. The "cheap" middle sizes are "only" $500 each. Blank "pot chucks" or wheel collets are $475. Buffdan is getting a pretty good deal!

                            I assume the D is for Derbyshire. Here is a reference for various Derbyshire collets

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                            CNC machines only go through the motions


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                              JT, you hit the nail on the head. I checked about half and they all have "DERBYSHIRE MAGNUS ELECT" or "MAGNUSELECT". Being block caps it's tough to tell if it's one or two words. And made in the USA, I just always assumed that with that name that it would have said England.

                              And yes, I certainly know that it's a great deal. But they are of no use to me despite some years of good intentions to use them for SOMETHING. I'll enjoy knowing that they are going to a good home where they will be used again.

                              My buddy with his SB9 has a set of 3C collets and a screw on threaded 3C adapter. And with the drawbar specific to the SB9. It's a nice setup! But the 3C are quite a bit bigger than these 10mm "D" collets. I did a search for "levin clock maker's lathe" and found one of the pictures listed as the 10mm size. Yep, about the size or perhaps a hair bigger than the long bed Sherline or Taig. But it compares to those like a Hardinge to a Southbend. That's one sweet looking machine you have buffdan ! ! !
                              Chilliwack BC, Canada