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A project I finished today: wheelchair upgrade

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    Originally posted by A.K. Boomer View Post
    I cannot believe what the factory overlooked there - the leverage on that piece "was" unreal but not anymore!

    Great fix Alanganes and good on you for helping the family out...

    Yes, it is sort of a dumb design. I only makes sense if you start from the assumption that it has to only support the static weight of the person's feet and legs and nothing more. Someone who cannot move their legs would not be standing on it to get in the chair. Of course there are people who need wheelchairs because they have endurance issues (one of my son's had this issue) so they would flip the plate up and back to get in the chair, then flip it down to rest their feet on. But if you have someone who presses down on the plate involuntarily, there is no way this arrangement would hold up. The guy who uses this one is an adult, 6' tall, and while he lacks good muscle control, he has no shortage of strength.

    Thanks all for the kind words, it's a privilege to be able to help people out, really.


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      Perhaps the manufacturer should speak to you about improving their product. Probably should pay you a consultation fee as well.


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        [QUOTE=alanganes;n1989927]This is a couple of views of the footplate of a wheelchair that is used by a friend's son:

        " :This will hopefully be somewhat more robust than how it was before" Time will tell I guess:."

        I Have to agree WTF!! Everyone needs a Bed. JR

        Ooops. Sorry , the Soviet thing was in my head... Monday, cease fire. .. JR
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