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  • Jet Owners Comments Sought

    A few weeks ago I asked for comments about Jet vs. Asian lathes. Many replied and said that the Jet was superior.

    As I am not having any luck finding a decent used American machine I am seriously considering a new Jet lathe. I would appreciate hearing from some Jet owners (esp. 1340 Belt drive lathe) about their experiences with the machine.


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      I use a Jet lathe at work and it's a fine machine. No problems whatsoever. Has a 20 inch swing and an 80 inch bed. If their smaller lathes are as good, I wouldn't hesitate to buy. Chinese made I think.


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        Hi Guys:

        I purchased a Jet 13X40 lathe in 1982or3. I have not had a lot of experence with other lathes. But I have been real pleased with my lathe. The one problem I had was with the motor starting switch(single phase 220 volt)it burent out a couple of times, the second time Jet informed me that they did not stock the starting switch any more and that they would sell a new 3HP motor the replace the existing motor for $90.00. I also had a electrical supply problem at the same time which may have been contributing to the problem. The lathe may not be a tool room lathe but it sure has served me well.

        I have since installed a DRO, now I probably could run a lathe with out the DRO.

        There were a few pits in the metal,but not any thing that hurt the operation of the machine. I did not have to adjust the machine other than leveling it.On the cross slide there are a couple of dove tails that I am not sure what they are for except maybe some attachment,but what?

        Hope this helps.
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          The jets I have had a gander at are all pretty good - I like the tool room models the best - lots of features.

          I like the Andrychow 17"x40" lathe made in Poland - it is used a lot here in Alberta for Oilfield work - real tough machine and very well made.

          I would check the local and internet machine dealers and not panic into buying a machine you may not want later - patience can score you nice machines. Just keep your eyes open...

          Good Luck Hunting!


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            I have a Jet GHB-13x40 and it is a pretty good machine for the money. I have had to tweak a few things in but for the most part it serves me well. The only thing hate about it is the color, White which is NOT a good color for any machine as far as I am concerned. It always looks dirty and it is hard to keep clean.



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              The color of a machine can be changed but if the machine is a poor one no amount of paint will make it better. I bought a Grizzly 12X36 belt drive lathe in 1986. As part of 'poshing it up I painted it "Machine tool gray" I am getting a Grizzly G4027 mill and I plan to repaint it the same color. I would say find the best machine that you can afford and if you don't like the color just paint it. WALT WARREN


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                A clausing Metosa lathe is preferred. I have problems with the steel quality of chinese made equiptment. As for the grizzly I've heard some real horror stories. Premature bearing failurein the headstock.


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                  Generally Jet is OK. Most Asian imports do not have hardened spindles. So be careful to clean chucks well before mounting. Bearings range from "Whoflungdung" to top quality Japanese. See other postings for general new import guidelines. Clean off Cosmoline/ protective grease,and fit them well before using when new, drain and fill the reservoires, lube often,Treat them well and they are worth the price paid.
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