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  • Evan...

    Thanks for bumping some of the lost posts!
    I've been working some pretty long hours welding for two companies the past week so haven't had much time for anything else.
    I had a couple more posted that I'd like to see.
    Maybe on the weekend I can find them. there a page where the lost ones went or are they kinda scattered around?
    I have tools I don't even know I own...

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    They are scattered around. You will need to search for them. I actually didn't bump up any posts (except mine), I bumped down all the ones with wrong advanced dates by posting to them. That made it possible for new posts to rise to the top.


    If I had admin access to this board I could have cleaned it up a lot better. I'm not volunteering and have no wish to moderate though.
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      It seemed to me that most of them were on pages 4 & 5 yesterday. ('course that depends on what you have set in your profile for "display #posts pre page")

      A few days ago I kinda found the (approx) time window when it all went to pot on the date stamp. I think I was looking at a post about "cleaning up threads...."

      Yeah, it was this one:
      It has now been changed, but when I saw it then, following JRouche's 26/0455AM post, that next on by Thistle was shown with a June 26 date/time
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      Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


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        The problem is a combination of poor programming on the part of vBulletin and probably an inadvertant mistake at VP by the IT staff. That mistake however should not have been allowed to happen. It is a matter of piss poor error checking on the part of the programmers of the BBS software.

        I recently ran into a very similar problem with my own accounting software at my shop. I use an old version of Simply Accounting that I have used for about 8 years now. One day recently when I started the program I must have accidentally clicked the wrong date for the current using date. The program gives you a short list of dates to choose from including today's date as well as the end of fiscal year date right below it. Somehow, perhaps a twitch of the mouse when I clicked, I accidentally selected the end of year instead of the current date.

        Now, when I start the program I cannot choose the current date. The program will not, under any circumstances, let me use the current date or undo the mistake. It now defaults to posting everything on Dec 31, 2006. If I try to change the date it tells me that I cannot use a previous date and then tells me to select a date between Dec 31 2006 and Jan 1 2007. Where's my rifle?
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          Since you have all the answers, why don't you start your own BBS and write your own forum software so the rest of us can see how a real pro does it? With your self proclaimed abilities, it should be a piece of cake!
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            Oh yea thats what we need another Site to draw members away from here like "A" hole done.

            Your opinion MAY vary!


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              I wrote my own BBS software in the early 80's, ran it off my home phone line. There was no public access to the internet so you had to dial direct to get on. One user at a time.

              I don't have time for a project like that now or the inclination either. One of the problems is the bandwidth it takes. This BBS has hundreds of people visiting it with sometimes over a hundred or more on at one time. Even though I have the equivalent of two T1 connections at my shop that extra bandwidth demand would compromise the service to my existing customers. I run a number of commercial web sites as well as some free non profit sites from my servers and can't afford to interfere with those, especially the commercial ones.
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                Aw come on Evan, I'd like to see some of that "flawless" programming!


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                  Wait 'till I get the Machinist Toolkit done and you can beta test it. I have a severe case of OCD when it comes to error checking in software.
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                    No, no, no....I want to see some BBS forum software programming that has some "meat" to it, not a couple of programs that can be done on a hand calculator.


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                      Well, I suppose I could figure out a way to import the ten thousand lines of assembler code from my CommStar project that I wrote in the 80's. A full featured comm program for the C-64, all in assembler with full peer to peer file transfer back before anybody was doing much of that.

                      How about my office hockey pool management system, handled all the players in the NHL at the time, over 600 of them and allowed up to 22 teams with managers, a draft and complex dropping rules, a high speed shell sort for the report generator and easy editing.

                      As I said, I don't have time for that sort of project now.
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                        Hmmm....makes me wonder....


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                          consensus opinion -- "This new bbs software is soooo much better"

                          Ok -- It the new seemed to work just fine, for a while. But the learning curve has been high. Posts are "lost" creating additional frustration.

                          I am not going away -- but i sure do miss dealing with a known bbs THAT WAS NOT BROKE.

                          So again I ask -- why did we fix it??


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                            Hmmm....makes me wonder...
                            Perhaps you would like to read an article I had published on low level programming in assembler. It's rather long at about 7 pages and pretty detailed complete with programming examples.

                            Here is a peek at the first page, published in The Transactor, Volume 7, Issue 01, July 1986.

                            You can find the rest of the pages in the online archive here:


                            I also have other articles published.
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                              Originally posted by Evan
                              I also have other articles published.

                              Yeah, list those too.