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Welder setup help needed

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  • Welder setup help needed

    Hi Group,

    I have a Miller Syncrowave 250 machine that I have used for TIG welding steel but never aluminum. I need some basic guidance on setup for doing some welding of aluminum.

    I have a water cooled torch, foot pedal control, green tip tungsten, and have Argon gas. The settings are where I need the help. If I can give any other specifics I will try...The settings in the pictures are just there when the picture was taken nothing specific.

    The basics that I know are, Set for AC, use the remote for amperage control, Set the amps for the project, and that's it. If you know of any videos that tal about the specifics of this welder I'm all for it, I just couldn't find any that specific.

    The Questions are,
    1. The output contactor switch, panel or remote?
    2. Creator time control ON or OFF & how much?
    3. AC balance control what setting?
    4. High Frequency start continuous OFF or start?
    5. ARC Force dig ON or OFF and what setting?

    I'll take any and all suggestions, other than to get a newer welder. This is what I have and I need to learn how to use it, I hope someone can help me with the basics, then I can learn as I go through trial and error. I've got scraps of 6061 and rod that is 5000 series I think, I'd have to go check to make sure.

    Click image for larger version

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    I look forward to any help that can be provided.

    Mr fixit for the family

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    Not a welder but I know that for aluminium, AC is used. We had in the shop, long time ago, a Hobart high frequency generator ad-on box to weld and 2 different welders. One 2 phase variable core 400A ac and another 400A dc that could stick and tig with the Hobart ad-on. The ac was only used for aluminium but this was 40+ years ago
    Helder Ferreira
    Setubal, Portugal


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      1 remote for pedal
      2 for stick welding
      3 3
      4 aluminum continuous and for steel start
      5 for stick welding
      Agua Dulce, So.California
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        What Ed said^^^. Depending on the oxidation amount on the surface, you may want to increase the cleaning action. I had an older version of this and it was a workhorse.

        Salem, Oregon


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          Those are good machines, usually very reliable. You will probably be welding at the top of its capacity depending on the thickness of material you are welding on, not really a problem however. Welding tips and tricks on youtube. Jodie has a no nonsense manner and straightforward info on almost any welding technique. Aluminum needs to be as clean as you can get it. Jim


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            Hi Ed,

            Thank you for the specific response. I do have a second question on the Stick vs the Aluminum settings.
            1. Got it..!
            2. Does the setting need to be in any particular position ON/OFF ?
            3. OK..
            4. Got it..!
            5. Does the setting need to be in any particular position ON/OFF ?

            Thanks for the help.. I will see what I can burn up and contaminate in the puddle while learning what to do and how to control things. I will check out the videos too.

            Mr fixit for the family