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  • Lube Frequency BP Clone

    If you are using your mill all day long how
    often do you lube with the hand pump.
    olf20 / Bob

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    If you see more oil than chips on the base of the machine
    you oil too much. Or you blew a seal. That will get you
    thrown out of the zoo.



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      Assuming good way oil that wants to stay in place once at the beginning of the day SHOULD be enough. But if you wanted to give 'er another shot at noon it won't hurt. Oil is cheaper than machines after all. But yeah, if you find it's weeping strongly out of the joints or where an edge wipes along a way (like underneath on the table to intermediary slide) so that it's running down in little oily rivers then you're doing it too often and just wasting the oil needlessly. I know I feel better when there's some slight amount of squeeze out or scraped clear signs. But it doesn't need to last long or be so much that it makes the machine an overly oily mess of a thing.

      On the other hand if you wipe a finger on a way and it comes away dark then you're not oiling often enough or you need better shielding covers. Dark way oil is never a good thing in my books.
      Chilliwack BC, Canada


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        I just check my ways occasionally during use to see that they have a nice layer of oil. Even on my CNC machine that has an automatic oiler, I check. The metering valves on my BP seem to put more oil on certain areas than others, so I check those areas that I know don't get as much. And yes, the metering valves were all replaced along with the lines using the BP recommended meter valves for each line.